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He slept in my lap!!!

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Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!!! I've been working with Arek for a while now, trying to help him trust me and become more friendly. He's the kind of cat who will actually get up and walk away if we pet him - which is very strange for a Maine Coon. We have reason to believe that he was abused in his former home. Well, we've had him in "quarantine" for about a week because we're having some problems with him using the litter box. Two days ago, I moved him into the bathroom to see if he would use his litterbox, or whether he would choose to potty on the floor, as he has been. Needless to say, he has not been happy with his mandatory separation from the rest of the family. ANYWAY, last night I was sitting in the floor of the bathroom, petting him and he actually crawled up in my lap for attention, and eventually fell asleep!!!
I couldn't believe it. I was so excited! Who knows whether he will continue in this affectionate behavior once he is allowed into the rest of the house, but at least for now I think he's learning to trust me!!!

I just wanted to share! I was soooo excited!
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Yay that's a step in the right direction!
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That's great!!!
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Hi Rina!!!

Welcome to TCS!!! I am SO happy for you! That is so exciting, and must've just melted your heart completely! My LuckyGirl is the same way, she's ok with being pet, but she doesn't want picked up ever (maybe by daddy, but that's it).....she has been opening up more lately, and even sat on my lap (and helped by biting the ribbon and swatting at the jingle bells!) while I made up x-mas treat bags for her fellow TCSers!
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I know how exciting that is for you. It makes your heart swell and you feel good all over. Awesome!
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That is so great, I hope it continues, it's an early Christmas present
There is nothing like a lap cat!
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That's great news!
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Thats great! Its always so exciting when they finally trust you enough to do that!
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What a wonderful feeling to earn the trust of a cat
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I know the feeling Lily actually came into my room yesterday and laid on the bed and didnt try to kill me when I moved. And Amber wasnt even in the room! Thats huge step for me and Lily. She hates me.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
What a wonderful feeling to earn the trust of a cat
....better can´t be expressed!!! .....
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I have a skittish cat as well. She has a real hard time trusting anyone. lately she will come up to you and meow for some pets!

So congrats on earning your cat's trust!! It can be a hard thing to do!
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