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Can today go ANY slower???

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I feel like I've been here for 8 hours already

Part of my issue is that I got an email from one of my group members for a class I had this fall. The class had major problems and well...the director of our program is having a sit-down with the dean in charge of the class. We more or less had teacher problems.

Anyhoo, all she emailed me was to check my grade for the class...unfortunately I don't have my password on me to do this (university assigned) so I'm very anxious to get home, find the sheet of paper with my password and find out my grade. If its bad, I'm calling in sick tomorrow or leaving work early or something just to attend this meeting (students of the class are welcome to it). :
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that's the worst when you're all antsy to check on something when you get home- hope time speeds up for ya!!
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It IS going rather slow today, isn't it?? I guess it doesn't help that I don't have a whole lot of things to do, so I'm taking my time. lol

I had a similar issue with an instructor a couple years ago. The guy was a cad, and I rarely have conflicts with authority figures. This guy was the worst! I typed out my evaluation of his teaching abilities and printed it out and slipped it in with the rest of the evaluations at the end of the semester. Not sure if it was taken seriously, but it was well thought out and was backed up with specific instances.
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Yep, I had left a rather ummm..critical review for him (our Uni does it all online now).

One part ofmy review was:
Q:What is a GOOD thing you learned with this instructor?
Me: "That not everyone can be an effective teacher just by downloading the powerpoint slides from the publisher's web site."

Well I have a meeting at one o'clock. I'm sure (and hope) that will speed the day up.
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I felt I had been here 8 hours this morning at 10:00 I had only got here at 8:30....2.5 days until Vacation!!
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