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OMG!! Those Poor Dogs!

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I found this on a pets memorial site and I wanted to share it here. The woman who shot these dogs is SICK!!!!

"The Sweetest Thing On Earth"

June 27, 2001 ---- July 25, 2002
American Bulldog

My boyfriend recieved a puppy over a year ago.
The puppy was really too young
not be with a mother when he
brought her home.
She was a beautiful white puppy.
We named her Sugar because
of her sweet loving nature.
She took us up as her parents.
We took her in our hearts.
She was the reason we stayed together.
She was our baby.

About one year later,
she was outside in a fence playing brother.
This night they got out of their fence and
went across the street
where they thought they were safe to play.
This lady did not want them
in her yard, so she went
to a neighbor's house and got a gun.

She walked back to her house and
shot our baby and her brother.
Sugar was shot through the back,
her brother was shot
through the shoulder.

My boyfriend took them to the hospital.
They told us Sugar's brother was O.K.
Sugar on the other hand had been shot
through the spinal cord.
We told them to help her at any cost.
They called in a brain doctor
that told us she was never
going to walk again.

We told them we would get her some wheels,
but they informed us she also
lost her kidneys.
They said the only option is to put her down.
We did not want to but the doctors insisted
because of her suffering.
My boyfriend and I held her and
cried until we knew her soul
had reached heaven.

Our hearts were broken
but we find comfort knowing
we will one day meet
our baby again in heaven.

With all my heart,
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That's so sad. I only hope the puppy is happy and well in puppy heaven.
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Poor babies! I think that woman should be shot if she crosses the street.
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What on earth could make a woman's heart so cold as to do such a horrible horrible thing???? I think some people don't even have a heart or a conscience at all.
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