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Woah!!! Cierron lost his mane!!!

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This winter Cierron grew a really, really big mane. He looked like a little lion!!! I was so proud of him!!

But when summer came around...Cierron's mane disappeared!!! One day it was there, and the next day, it was gone. At least, it had gone and stuck itself all over the sofa...

See! Now Cierron doesn't look like a little lion anymore

The funny thing is Cierron didn't really get a thicker winter coat, just that massive mane. It's just like a scarf! I guess with all the hot weather we've been having, he decided he didn't need it anymore...and I suppose the scarf is enough to keep him warm at winter. Go Cier-chan!!!!
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He's beautiful with or without it.
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That's weird...I've never seen that before.

Whitey had his "chest hair" turn white at spring. Now he's back to brown chest hair.

Did you ever find a clump of hair anywhere?
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He's a handsome boy with or without his mane. I sure wouldn't want to have been the one to vacuum the furniture while he was shedding it though, LOL There must have been hair everywhere!
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He is so gorgeous either way. What a handsome boy
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Wow thats wierd that it disapeared like that. Maybe he got hot and decided he needed a haircut
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Although not a cat, my Pomeranian lost a lot of his hair one summer, and then when autumn came around, he filled out again, and after that he remained full coated year round.
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Boots' twin Mane or no mane, he's gorgeous.
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mikey gets a mane as well.
i really like it. We play Salon together and i style him all different's pretty funny.
here is his winter pics...

and his summer pics

you might not be able to really tell but i sure do since i gotta brush his fluffyness.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Did you ever find a clump of hair anywhere?
Not exactly! It was more like the sofa turned white overnight...! But the wierdest was how he didn't seem to grow or lose a winter coat. It doens't get -that- cold here but the mane must have been there for some reason!!!

Yeah, he's so beautiful! He looks just like a little tiger without his mane.

Wow, Mikey is gorgeous!!! Is he a Norwegian Forest Cat? I think Cierron might have some of that in him, except he's quite small and delicate. ^^
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Mikeys daddy is a pure main coon and his mommy is a short hair tiny lady who is very very thin and fragile. her name is twinkie lol. Mikey is kind tiny...the furr can fool ya!
Ps. he is a polydactyl! handsome 6 toed stud!
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wow that's fluffy, He's such a cute little man
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