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Adding a second kitten

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We have had our female cat for a year and a half and she is loving and sweet to us but does not like when we have company over. I have read on here before that a second friend might make her mellow out more.
Im not sure with getting a second cat on whether or not it is best to have two girls or opposite sexes- which would she get along with best and fight the least?
Also how do you go about introducing her to a new kitten and having them share a home?
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She'd get along best, I think, with a younger male, but when she gets older (more than 10, but maybe sooner) he may start going after her, trying to take over as 'head' cat, and make her life miserable. The thing is, most female cats who start out as 'only' cats, are quite happy to stay 'only's' and having other cats generally has little bearing on whether they respond to humans any better or not in future.
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I think that adding a second kitten or cat would be a wonderful idea. Their personalities have more to do with whether or not they will get along than their sexes do. Here's a great article for introducing them:

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I don't know if adding a second cat will change her attitude towards people. She's only being territorial so IMO introducing another cat may cause you more problems than solutions.
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Is there a way to make her less territorial?? When we have her alone she cuddles with me and my husband but when someone comes over she hisses and straches at our guest when they try to pet her.
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She's just a 1-owner(s) cat, and that's that :-). Is it so important that others be able to pet her? I'd understand if you had a houseful of children, but otherwise I'd just respect who she is and leave it at that. Not everyone likes to be approached by 'strangers', or handled, and she's got her preferences too.
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Well we dont have kids but we have kids come over and she hisses at them so I worry about that and didnt know if there was a way to make her more comfortable. I agree we love her the way she is shes great to us. Just conserned about little kids. Especially if we some day have kids. I hate to segragate her in her own home.
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She's just nervous, and if your own child were there over time, I'm sure she'd act a lot differently... probably become a great babysitter :-). It's newness and smells, etc. that scare her off visitors.
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We had our female cat before we got our male cat. She has never liked him, and sure enough, he does try and assert his dominance over her.

Unforunately for him, she weighs about 5 pounds more than he does so he has never won any of the fights he has picked. Except once when he took a running start and knocked her down...but in the end she still won the fight.
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