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Do your cats treat you differently from your S/O?

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I was thinking about this after a post earlier this week. I have noticed that my cats treat me much differently than my wife...they seem to give me a wide birth, whereas they are more aggressive with her (i.e. our calico bites my wife when she is tired of being petted, but licks my hand instead).

Have ya'll noticed this behavior of different treatment for your significant other?
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Yes, even though we've only had Jaden a few months, she is getting to know me and my husband pretty well. She comes to me when she wants her dinner or breakfast, also if she wants some cuddles. She goes to Scott when she wants to play in the evening. He has this pole-like gripper thing and uses it to make her mousies come to life. She really enjoys chasing him around the kitchen too, even if he doesn't have a toy. It's pretty cute.
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Yes, Radar comes to me for cuddles whereas he won't be as affectionate with Nate. I think there are reasons for this - a) my lap and chest are bigger and more comfortable, b) Nate is an awful fidget and can't sit still, and c) whenever Radar tries to play with Nate's beard, Nate screams like a girl
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My Easy girl LOVES Jim. Tino and Laura tolerate him. Kiko and Ducky wish he would just move out, but none of them bit or scratch him.
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If food is about Dino doesnt care who he butters up however its always me that he sits with and sleep on my side of the bed, he´s a real mummies boy
Princess Pepsi is altogether different, she´ll talk more to DH, sort of like telling him off or complaining that food isnt coming fast enough she will come to me for a tickle BUT under her own terms when and where she wants
Miss Moofi is the baby of the house and she came to us 2 mths after our dog had to go over the Bridge, Roger (the dog) was my DH´s dog and Miss Moofs was a kind of replacement - we didnt know it at the time, but BOY does he spoil she certainly knows how to handle him and and if she aint getting it from me she´ll pester DH which of course does the trick

They´re all SHAMELESS
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Absolutely! Most of the cats cling to me and I can't sit anywhere with a cat (or 5) on my lap. 2 of the cats prefer my husband (but still hang with me). I am the crazy cat lady. Hubby is the dog-boy. They intuitively know that I understand them better than my husband does. (on the other hand, the dogs mainly hang by hubby, as he is more intuitive with them than I)
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Most definately. Davidson is definately MY cat - he lays with me all the time, he cuddles with me, but he will not let John touch him or pet him for longer than 5 seconds at a time! I don't know why, he's never done anything to harm him! Harley... he's more John's cat. He lets John pet him more so than he lets me most of the time, but he does come to me when John isn't around The same with Davidson! If I'm gone, Davidson will tolerate John, until I get back
Its odd, I picked out Harley to be my cat, and John got Davidson to be his - I guess they switched it around on us!
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Mikey is totally a mamas boy. he and i are very very close. he will lay with dan for a while when i am not home but if i am he would much rather be bother me for affection... and food.

Stewie on the otherhand must hate me. He is always attacking me, never lets me pet him and thinks I am his own personal scratching post!
he spends more time sleeping with dan or on dan and showing him affection than he does me. i dont get it. Ive taken care of him since we was orphaned at 2 weeks old. I bottle fed him, help him go to the bathroom, weaned him on kitten/cat food. snuggled with him at night and played with him all the time. why does he beat me up?
I just dont get it!
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Yup, Luna is totally mine. She's to the point that if I'm not around and needs love she'll lay on B's lap.

BUUUT the instant I walk in and "see this" she'll immediately jump down, rub up against me and run away as if to say "You didn't see anything mom!"

As for whitey, patches and beauty: I feed them, change their litter, scrub the litter box, feed them wet food and catnip and yet they still migrate to B.
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Byr treats my husband like a playmate, while I am unquestionably his mummy

When he wants to rough-house, he stalks and pounces on DH and mock-fights like a little lion. When he wants cuddles and kisses he'll come purring up to me and rub his face all over mine, then insist on sleeping near my head at night --- when DH is napping, Byr is taking up a more comfortable distance by his feet. Don't get me wrong, DH is lucky that Byr doesn't want to snuggle -- he purrs so loudly that he wakes me up quite a lot!
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Molly LOVES me, she's a little snuggly nerd with me, and quite frankly, I thought she was that way with everyone when we originally got her. But apparantly she runs from the other people in my family, and rarely, if ever, jumps up on their laps to be patted. My sister feels particularly insulted, because she was the one who rescued Molly (Molly was stuck in a tree for 5 hours before my sister found her and got her down, and then took her home), but I suppose it's because I'm the one who feeds her and gives her water and, I dunno, speak her language better. I'm not sure how to say it, and my mind isn't at it's peak anymore (it's 3:51 in the morning, lol), but I act gentle to her, and my hands move slowly, I blink a lot, and I tend to mew at her and sometimes give snoring snorts, my version of purring, lol.

Buffy seems to prefer me over the rest as well, but not to the degree as Molly. I raised Buffy from a 4 week old, and she did hold me in a higher status for the longest time, but for the past year she's turned into a loner. She still loves people and will seek affection from everyone (and will hang out with me the longest), but she's not the love-bug she used to be.

Willow definitely prefers my dad. With everyone else, she can take it or leave it (unless you have food, then you're suddenly your favorite, until the last bite is gone and then she doesn't care for you anymore). When dad comes around, she starts rolling around by his feet, emphasizing the plumpness of her body (it looks that way, really, because she's actually quite thin, but she has a thick long coat which can be misleading). And sadly, to me, she doesn't prefer me over the rest of the family, after dad. She treats me the same way she treats my sister or my mom. Oh well, lol
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hmm only one the seems different is heyu,
She wont allow the wife to touch her at all
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Originally Posted by BlueMum View Post
Byr treats my husband like a playmate, while I am unquestionably his mummy

Ditto here, but Pippin is an equal opportunity pouncer and stalker.

I've been his caretaker since he was 2 weeks so I'm definitely the mom. He hangs out with everyone and checks where they are but inevitably he comes back to spend his time with me. Especially noticable are the differences when I'm away for the night. My husband can be gone for a week and it doesn't phase him but I'm gone for one night and it throws him off. He's ancy all evening and keeps looking for me at bedtime I hear. And when I come home he greets me with a lot of aggression--not sure if he's punishing me for being gone--I sometimes wonder if he's not making some attempt to try and reestablish dominance.

He treats all the kids differently too. My son whose less tolerant of him is the one who is most apt to get kitten on the bed at 5am. And my daughter who loves to squeal is most apt to get attacked in the hallway going back to her bedroom.
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Somewhat. I let Tigger lick me, and my partner doesn't. He got attacked by a cat he tried to rescue from some dogs when he was a kid, and he is always thinks about that. She is EXTREMELY affectionate with me, and altho she is affectionate with him, I'm the one she follows all around the house and yard like a puppy....
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Duke is a momma's boy. I'm his first choice for serious cuddles. My husband is open jealous about this too. Its funny because Duke will sit right under my feet while I'm washing dishes or if I'm sitting down. My husband will say in spanish "Dale las naguas!" which roughly translates as "let go of her petticoats!"

Though when I'm not around, he likes to curl up in the "figure four" of my husbands crossed legs while he's laying on the couch. Duke sleeps almost underneath me at night (I think I have neck strain problems because of this!). Of course, I'm the one who feeds him more often than not, and I ALWAYS change the litterbox.

But come playtime, Duke is open to any and everyone. Get out his feather wand toy and you are his favorite playmate!
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Oh, my cats much prefer my company. They like my girlfriend just fine, but I'm around the house more and I spoil them :P
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