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Monday's DT

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Well since it is past midnight here, I can officially start the new Daily Thread, but since it has only been Monday here for 22 minutes, I will have to say what happened yesterday. :laughing:

It was a pretty good day, except that I was going on no sleep most of the day. Between Amber waking up and Brent snoring so loudly, I got no sleep Saturday night. So I was tired all day yesterday. But we did get a little break at lunch! We dropped Amber off at my mother-in-laws house..first time she (or anyone) has watched her. We then went to the new Chinese buffet in the nearby town and had a WONDERFUL lunch!!!
This is the second Chinese buffet to open there in the past few months. We had tried the first one and liked it, but we tried the newest one today, and it was even better!! Their meat just melts in your mouth it is so tender and their eggrolls were awesome! I just LOVE Chinese food!

We then picked Amber back up and came home. She hadn't slept hardly at all, so I was hoping she would eat and then take a long nap, so I could as well....but no such luck. She ate and ate and then when I tried to put her in her crib, she would cry. I tried just letting her cry for awhile, so maybe she would fall alseep, but hubby kept going in and picking her up, and then he would give her to me because she wouldn't stop crying. FINALLY she fell asleep around 3pm and I napped for three hours. I know I should be sleeping right now, since she is asleep again, but I am just now starting to get sleepy...since I didn't wake from my nap till 6pm. That's the bad thing...instead of her conforming to MY schedule, I am conforming to HERS and MY days and nights are getting mixed up.

Today I am going to my friends house who got married Saturday to help her unwrap gifts....that will be fun to see what all she got! They aren't taking their honeymoon till later, but she has a few more days off work.

A couple of you asked how the singing went. Barely. It was an outdoor wedding, and it was windy. The microphone didn't work well, and the music was so loud on the first song that noone could hear me (which might have been a good thing ) and then for the second song...the duet with my brother, the CD player wouldn't work, and so we stood there in front of everyone for 5 minutes while the woman in charge of the music and several other people tried to get the music to play!!! It was awful!!! So then the bride asked if we could sing it without the music, which would have been horrible, but my brother said he had a copy of the music on tape in his car and a portable tape player as well, so he had to run to his car (this is in the middle of the wedding, mind you) to get it, and came back and they got it going, but this time the music wasn't loud enough, so we could barely hear it. I'm just glad the whole thing is over!!!

I hope everyone has a good day today!!!!
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Debby - you had quite a weekend and that would explain why this was in the Behavior Forum!

Happy Monday!
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Hahaha...I think Debby is in need of some shut eye!:tounge2:
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Wow, what I weekend I had. We had the wake/funeral for my relative. It was soooo emotionally draining, that I am exhausted today. I have a slight headache too, usually happens to me if I cry.

But today is a new day and a better one I hope! Its gorgeous here, sunny and warm. I have house stuff to do, and I think I'll do a bit of relaxing too! We just got a new cable package and I have a bunch of new stations that I'm going to check out if the kids give me few minutes to myself!! That doesn't happen too often around here!!

Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday!
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I have the day off and am decompressing. It rained most of yesterday and is cool and cloudy, today. Have a good one.
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Ugh.... I was awakened by a screaming child this morning at 3am.
It was a newborn baby... and the parents let it scream for 45mins!!!

Ahhhh..... "children" shouldn't be allowed to produce chilcren!

It's gonna be a bad week.... Kathy (the lady who does my pedicures) is going to be out this week.. her father died!

Gosh couldn't the man die next week - I need a pedicure TODAY!! (I'm not a cold hearted as that sounded)

Hope everyone is having a better Monday than I!
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Well, my day has been packing, packing and more packing. As much as I hate having to go through things and put them into boxes, I'm so excited about the move that it doesn't matter. I should be getting the keys to the house this week so I can get a little head start on cleaning. The previous tenants were supposed to have cleaned it, but I always clean any place I move into top to bottom too. That way I know things are up to standard My kids are going to love the big yard to play in, and I'm going to love having a deck again as well as all the big trees and shrubs that are planted everywhere. There is an old stone wall surrounding the yard that has vines twisting all over it and old steps in the front that are made of big rocks and cement. Its very beautiful. Sorry to go on so, I'm just so thrilled to have gotten the place I've been wanting since last December I LOVE Victorian houses.

Well this is the first full week of school for my little ones. My daughter is in Grade 2 so I'm a bit used to her being away during the day- but I miss having my son here with me all day. He seems so small to be away from me all day Even though he LOVES school so far, I selfishly want him here with me. Being a mom can be so hard sometimes- letting go is never easy

I go to a job interview today at 2:30 for a job I applied for a few months ago. I'm really hoping I don't screw up and that I get the job. Even though my husband does well at his job, you really need two incomes these days to keep all the bases covered. Fingers crossed for me that I get the job

Have a great Monday everyone :rainbow:
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Well I started a new job today, through an agency, as an Admin person within the training team at the local university. As usual with a new job, no desk, no access to the systems, no idea what I'm there for, no idea of what the role is, everyone too busy with their own work to train me. Some of the people are lovely, but my new boss is someone I have "history" with (back when we were both students), which could make life interesting.

The best part is that the university is in my home town - only 15 mins away from home - what joy - I've always worked in cities before, 20 odd miles away, which took up to an 2 hours (on a bad day) to get there and back.

Plus my partner is being head-hunted for a job in Yorkshire (he is currently working 100 plus miles away, so only home at weekends) - so everything looking rosy for me.
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Yay!!!! I got the job!! I got hired on the spot, so I'm thinking my interview went well Its nothing special, just a cashier job at a department store, but I'm glad to be a financial contributer to this family again

I applied for a part time job, but they needed full time so I'll be working 40+ hours a week. My kids have a great daycare program right at their school, so thats all taken care of.

I start tomorrow!! I'm excited but kind of nervous since all my previous jobs were food service type jobs. Lets hope I do well this week, because its all the training I'm going to get!
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Debby, Go to bed! You really needed a break. It's a shame the singing experience was so bad. We've all (all of us singers) have had an experience so disastrous we wanted to become invisible. Not that it was your fault, but it makes you feel like an idiot, anyway!
I hope that is the end of your bad luck. I hope Amber sleeps all night tonight; you deserve it! \\

Congratulations on the new jobs, flimflam and Melissa. I hope everything goes very well for you. Melissa, I'll bet you're in seventh heaven in a new home.

Lhezza, you know you couldn't have heard Debby's baby that far away. Besides, she isn't a baby; she just has a baby face! Tsk, tsk.

Daniela, I hope you are feeling a bit better. I know what it's like to awaken and realize it was not just a bad dream. My prayers are with you.

Debra, did she really post this in the Behavior forum? Makes sense to me;(not) the baby was crying! Debby, yep, you need some sleep!
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Could have been worse - Debby could have posted in the Breeders' Forum!
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Cindy, you are too funny!

Paula and Melissa - Congrats to both of you on the new jobs!

Melissa, it wasn't the packing I hated so much as the actual moving and trying to get everything set up at the new place (utilities, etc.). But then, we have had nothing but trouble getting everything set up. Packing was actually kind of fun because I got to find everything that I forgot I even had!

Debby, I'm sorry the singing at the wedding didn't go very well. Of course, I just recently saw one of those "Wedding Day Disasters" shows on TV, so that seems pretty tame compared to what CAN happen at weddings.

I'm trying very hard to stay motivated at work today. It's not working very well - too much stuff to catch up on here.

I had a pretty bad end of last week and weekend. Somehow our finances got really messed up and we had a very overdrawn checking account. Hubby and I both sold a bunch of our collectibles to get back on the positive side. But I guess that's part of the reason we got them, to be able to sell in case of emergency, unfortunately the Barbie market has really taken a dive so I sold them for almost pennies compared to what I paid for them. So I think we are going to be OK at least until the next batch of bills, and hubby's computer takes a dump - a big time meltdown. He ended up having to buy a new hard drive, motherboard and is using my processor chip until we can afford a new one of those. So he is selling more of his stuff (he has a TON of stuff, and finally realized that we don't have room for it. It literally takes up one whole room!) to finance his computer. On top of all of that, his "employer" told him Friday that he can't afford an accountant, so no he can't pay Earl and doesn't know when he will be able to. So Earl told him that he cannot work for him anymore. Totally back to square one. And on top of that, we haven't exactly been getting along real well - not that stress would have anything to do with that.

I'm hoping that this week gets better. It can't get much worse.
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My day has been quite interesting here at work and at home. When I came in this morning to work, I noticed a bunch of red lights that were lit up on the switchboard (this always means something bad) and sure enough!-some of Ameritech's phone lines were down and people weren't able to call in to anyone directly in our office. So, I had practically everyone calling me saying that there was something wrong with the phones. Then I would get 8 nothing calls in a row about every few minutes. This only happened a few times though.

In other news...someone came out to fix our central air unit today! Yeah! He told us that the fan was stuck, so thats why it wasn't working. The bad thing is that he told us that we will need a new unit by the time next summer rolls around, since this one is 28 years old and has been here since the condo was built. So, hubby and I have to start saving our money b/c it is gonna cost us between $1,500 and $2,000.

Now I'm off to the pet store to get more cat food as soon as I get off work. Have a good rest of the day everyone! :daisy:
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Congrats, Flimflam and Melissa.

Hope you get to feeling better Daniela and I hope you get some sleep Debby.

Is it me, or do a lot of us seem to be moving lately. Heidi and I just got done moving, Melissa is about to move and then there's the member moving from New England to Michigan (I'm so bad , I can't remember who she is right now).

I guess I should tell ya'll a little about our house. It's 1,520 sq. ft. and has 3 bedrooms. It's only 2 years old (built in 2000) and it's a lease-to-buy. pet deposit!!!! I can't believe we found this house! I absolutely love it. This house is sort of a fresh start for hubby and I; we have been having a lot of problems and are trying to work things out. So, over the next year I think we'll know what's going to happen for us.
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Sabra your new place sounds wonderful. Gosh, that is the "dream" place that we were hoping to find - lease to own, no pet deposit, nice and roomy.

We actually moved to a smaller place since we couldn't afford the other place anymore (I went from all the overtime I wanted to not much OT, and Earl went from getting wage loss from his auto accident to nothing). Went from 1100 to 950 SF. It's just another apartment, and we had a BIG pet deposit. Hopefully we will actually be able to get some of that back when we eventually move out. It is a nice place, though, and the rooms are really big. We just have too much stuff to put in them! LOL Best part is that it has a fireplace, which is something I've wanted since I was a little girl. Now I can't wait for fall/winter so I can use it. For some reason I don't think it would be very good to start a fire in 90 degree heat!

Susan is the other person moving, pretty soon I think. We really have had a lot of moves recently!
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Debby....I never imagined I'd see a day with a posting of yours and one little word in front of it: Moved. *sigh* I now know, it happens even to the best of them!!!! :LOL:

I remember in high school, I sang in a Talent Show. It is a day I will never forget. The show was at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. We were performing for literally thousands of people. When it was my tape broke. I had to sing 'The Rose' without music. Thankfully two of my friends jumped up and saved me from total embarassement. They helped with the chorus and, I was lucky enough that I had chosen a song that can be sung without music. Sorry the singing did not turn out as planned was out of your hands.

Daniela, Hope you rest up and feel better. You've made it past the hardest hurdle.

Flimflam, congrats....I know you must be frustrated though because not only is a new job nerve-wrecking. A new job that no one is prepared to help you with is worse. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Melissa, congrats!.....You go girl! Hope tomorrow is a great day for you. Don't say "just a cashier job". Any job is a worthy job. Besides, what would we do without cashiers?

Spooky, we have central air. Could not live without it. I think it's a great investment. We were allowed to make 3 equal payments. Would they not do something like that for you?

Cindy....:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

sfell....hope things brighten up for you and hubby. Sometimes a fresh start becomes a new start. I'll send positive thoughts your way.

Well......I don't have much going on except that it's year end here and for the next 4 days, I am going to go nuts trying to get everything prepared for the head office.'s 4 more days before my vacation!!! YAY!

Have a great evening everyone.
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G - Thanks for your kind thoughts

Heidi, I hope things brighten up for you and Earl You are going to love having a fireplace!
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Is Adrienne ok? Did she say she was going on vacation. Or did she say she had a bad cold? That's what runs in my mind.

Please pray for our new baby boy. He's in the hospital. See the lounge post. Please pray!
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Adrienne was going to her cottage last monday. She had a weeks vacation but I am not sure if she was supposed to be back today or tomorrow. Kind of weird without her huh?

Heidi....I don't know where my head is. I had wanted to tell you that I envy you having a fireplace but I guess it slipped my mind. You are Sooooooo lucky! We have a woodstove in the basement. Not much romance going on near there! :LOL: But, it did save up from the Ice Storm '98. Hope things brighten up for you and hubby. Financial stress does cause a damper in a relationship. Don't let it get the best of you both. Think positive and dream of better times ahead. Things will fall into place. In the meantime, throw on a log, and just enjoy the comfort and warmth it'll bring to both of you. And, oh yeah......I'd wait until the first frost at least! Positive thoughts heading your way too!!!!

I am off to read Jeanie's baby post. I must have missed it!
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relaxing day nothing done that I wanted to but oh well, I don't care. I did get Luna and Rocket to the vets so all the cats are done until Jan 03. Rocket was supposed to just be support for Luna who is terrified to be outside anymore but ended up getting a shot for nausea. He got sick and threw up 3 times in 3 days so I questioned it and since she couldn't feel anything in his tummy, she gave him the shot and told me that cat hair irritates the lining of the tummy so that should help. and so far, no ick puddles tonight.Oh yeah he weihs 10 and a half pounds! HE's one big Abby cat!
Luna got a checkup and distemper shot. She weighs 10 pounds! when I brought her inside, she was only 7 pounds. amazing what she gained in a year. I mean only 3 pounds but she is healthy and happy so I am very impressed with myself, and the vet told me I was doing a great job with all four of them also. SO my head kind of swelled for the day. She said that usually with multi cat households, one cat out of them all, seems to get sick more frequently but that isn't the case with our household. ALL our cats are healthy and in great shape.
I'm really impressed with myself. I'm glad I am doing something right.
Debby, sorry about the horrible experience you had, but I bet you would sound great no matter what.
Fantastic that everyones getting new jobs. I'm jealous! I hope they work out for you all.
Spooky,I'm glad that the problem isn't an expensive one, but I hope that it lasts you until you can get the $$ together to buy a new one..
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Originally posted by debra myers
Debby - you had quite a weekend and that would explain why this was in the Behavior Forum!

Happy Monday!
OMG!!!! Did I really post this in the wrong forum??? I could have sworn I clicked on the lounge, but obviously not!!! I think what I did was clicked on one of my e-mail notifications for this site, then went straight to "new thread" from there, and the notification must have been from one of the threads in the behavior forum, instead of the lounge. Well, never a dull moment! :laughing:
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Is Adrienne ok? Did she say she was going on vacation.
I am here! Just catching up on all I have missed in the past week - you guys were busy! I had a great vacation BTW!
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