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BUN and Glucose levels

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Can anyone tell me if a glucose level of 167 and a BUN of 43 is something to be concerned about in a 9 year old cat? Also the PCV is 22 which I think is a sign of anemia. The only noticeable symptoms are excessive thirst and very itchy.

Thank you for any information anyone can offer.

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Glucose sorry I dont know .. try www.gorbzilla.com I think

the bun is elevated which could be a signal of kidney issues...

If you have the number s talk to the vet that gave them too you is my best advice as both diabetes and kidney failure can be managed
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Did they run a thyroid panel too? If so, what was the value on that? Is the kitty indoor only? Are there any signs of fleas? There are a lot of possibilities. If there are fleas (or even one flea) the cat could have hemobartonella, which would cause the anemia.

The glucose level could just be a fluke--lots of cats get stressed at the vets, and that causes the glucose level to rise. To rule out diabetes, you may want to have a urinalysis performed or you can ask your vet about strips you can use at home to check the glucose level in the urine.

The BUN sounds a bit high--your kitty may have some kidney insufficiency. What was the creatinine value?
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Normal glucose for a cat is 70-160, so your kid has a slightly elevated glucose level.
A normal BUN is 20-30 in a cat.
A normal PCV is 37-55%. Your cat has a low PCV.
Any other blood values abnormal?

Yes, I would be concerned. An elevated BUN is an indication of kidney disease, the low hematocrit is indicative of slight anemia, and an elevated glucose level could be an indication of a diabetic condition. Have you spoken to a vet about this?

I apologize, I misspoke about Bartonella being transmitted by fleas. Fleas have been implicated in its transmission in cats. I don't want to give anyone false information!
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