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My new little friend

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Here are pictures of my new little friend Cozmo. I think he is about 5 months old now. He is a great little guy but he can also cause so much trouble when he wants to. One day I went to see 4 kittens and Cozmo picked me instead of me picking a kitten, and he has been real close to me ever since.

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What a beautiful guy. I love the pink nose and toes.
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He's gorgeous Tom!!! I hope he's a wonderful friend for you.
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The best cats are those that pick you! What a beautiful boy he is!!
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He's a beautiful boy!

I agree about the cat picking the person.

Chynna picked me. I found her in the bushes and had intention of taking her to the Humane Society after work, but when I got home she was sleeping so cutely on the bed and when I went to pick her up she gave me a hug around the neck and nose kisses. That was it. She's been my loving baby girl every since. That was 14 years ago. I estimated her birthday to be January 1, so she will be 15 years old!!!
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Cosmo is beautiful. I love his colors! What a sweet boy!
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Cozmo has allot of the same personality that Tuffy had. He is on my lap right now as I type this because I can't sleep again. Tuffy would also lay on my lap in the night if I was on the computer when I couldn't sleep. The biggest difference from Cozmo to Tuffy is that Cozmo will eat just about anything and Tuffy would only eat his kind of food and it was real hard to change food with him. Tuffy wouldn't even eat cat treats.
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What a gorgeous sweet little boy Cosmo is Look at those gorgeous pink paw pads
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awe cozmo is such a cutie, he is sooooo gorgeous, cats tend to pick their "owners" instead of you picking them but he is such a darling
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I think you are a very lucky servant to have such a beautiful cat
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He's adorable...glad he picked you, Tuffy might have had something to do with that I'm sure he would approve!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
He's adorable...glad he picked you, Tuffy might have had something to do with that I'm sure he would approve!
i think our RB kids do that a lot... i have a sneaking suspicion Chip was sent by Mouse he does so many things that she did, sits on the same part of my lap, etc.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
What a beautiful guy. I love the pink nose and toes.
those are really pink!!!
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He's one cute little guy!
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Its to bad I didn't get him when he was a couple months younger, He is growing so fast that he won't be a kitten very much longer. He is already trying to make baby's with our other cats.

I couldn't believe how easy it was for him to adjust to his new home, He wasn't afraid of the other cats and the dog at all, in fact he hardly noticed them at first, he just wanted to explore his new house. He gets along with Angel pretty well which is a shock because she never liked Tuffy at all, she would go out of her way to be mean to Tuffy. Angel don't bother Cozmo at all unless Cozmo bugs Angel to much. He play fights with Panther at times but they are not near as close as Panther and Tuffy where.
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great looking kitty!!!!
glad one picked you
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those pink paws are just begging for some from my kits.........he is such a beauty and glad to hear he is settling well
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Just darling!!!!
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Cozmo is adorable!
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Aww, he's sooooooooo pretty
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Cozmo is a sweetie pie.
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He may look cute but he is hell on wheels most of the time, I never seen a cat that can find so many ways to get into trouble around here. He gets into everything. I have a big knot on my head because he knocked a heavy figurine off a shelf above the bed and it landed on my head in the middle of the night. I was not real happy with him that night. But thats my Cozmo, he just has to see what everyone is doing around here.
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I see Panther has started to take care of Cozmo like he did with Tuffy. He was grooming Cozmo but Cozmo got to playing a little to rough so Panther bit him back just hard enough to hurt like he is trying to teach him not to bite so hard.

Yvonne got the cats one of those tunnel things that comes in a small box but it has a big spring in it so when you take it out of the box it is about 4 1/2 to 5 ft long and about 10" in diameter. Its open on each end and has 2 holes in the side. Cozmo loves the thing but none of the older cats will go into it.

Cozmo is upset tonight because Missy took the chair back that is next to my side of the bed where Tuffy always slept, Missy started to sleep there after Tuffy died, then Cozmo took it away from Missy, but tonight Missy took it back and chased off Cozmo when he tried to lay on it. There is room for the both of them on it but Missy never sleeps close to the other cats and Cozmo don't either so I guess who gets the chair first has it.
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Cosmo is an adorable boy. It's always best when the cat chooses his owner.
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Cozmo you precious little baby!! Your pink nose and pink pads are so kissable
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what a cutie!!
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Very beautiful lil boy! Most kittens are hell on wheels, hopefully your older cats will train him up well
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