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With LOVE (and apologies) to you all. . . .

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There are those of you who know the story of what I have been going thru for the last 2 yrs. I have been having terrible problems with my circulation and arthritis based painful gout; that left me almost bedridden and dependent on pain killers, but worst of all; I was forced to move from my sister's house (home to me for the last 20+ yrs.) and into a small apartment where I lived alone without family or any of my beloved cats. I hated every minute of it.

I was given a WebTV and put in touch wth the WWW. I found The Cat Site and was able to share my stories and advice and love of cats with all of the members here. I became especially close to 6 or 8 of you and those friendships have helped pull me thru. You know who you are, and my gratitude and love goes out to you. But that is not the reason I have come on today to post.

Light at the end of a L-O-N-G tunnel. I have (as of Aug. 1st) moved into a new apartment that is totally handicapped accessable. I can get around and take care of myself without losing my dignity by having to rely on family or strangers. Best of all; I now have 2 of my furbabies with me. My twin girls, Squeaker and Smokey. They love it here and there is adequate space for me to provide for them. The new apartment has floor to ceiling windows in the living room and I am on the 19th floor with a truly dynamite view (which the girls love). A good friend has built me a cat walk with perches that spans the entire length of the windows. It is carpeted and has a set of steps and a
walkway. It is like "Big-Screen TV" to them. They have enriched my life and loving them and having them here for me takes the edge off living alone.

Some more good news; Friday, I received a brand new electric "huvver" chair to help me get around. I can now leave the building and attend activities in th gym and swimming pool and game rooms and meet others in the building. I am still "learning" to drive the chair, but I am making lots of progress. The girls don't quite know what to make of it yet, but they know that Mom is happier and getting to and from the chair is a lot less painful than trying to walk even a few short steps as before. The chair was provided thru Medicare/Medicaid and the American Arthritis Foundation. I never realized that aids like these were available and I had been scraping pennies together to afford the Wonder Bed rental each month and now that is covered as well ! The services are out there to help us, but you would be surprised how hard it is to find out about them !

I am truly blessed and when I realize the things that have changed in just a month I am so happy I am literally crying with joy. I want to try and be an active voice around here again and look forward to coming on; on a daily basis again. Thanks for all the support and love and for standing by me in my absence. Forgive me for all the posts and news I missed out on, but know that I look forward to catching up.

I love you all !
Hugs and Purrs,
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I'm afraid the grin that your post put on my face will not leave for a very long time! I am so glad to read all this. To find out you have moved to someplace nicer and now have your babies with you. To learn you have a wonder chair as well is WONDERFUL! And to see you back here posting among friends. It doesn't get much better than this. Welcome Back!
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Oh my gosh!!!!! Darlene!!!! I really needed to hear this!!! I needed some good news, and like MaryAnne, you have put a big smile on my face tonight!!! I am so thrilled that you have a new apartment that is so much better for you, and that you have your furbabies back with you again!!!!

I have missed you!!! I sent you an e-mail or two several months ago, but never heard back, so I don't know if you ever got them....but I have been thinking of you!!! I am so glad things are looking up for you and that you will be back around here more often!!! The "huvver craft" sounds great as well!!! Still have that Wonder Bed, huh???? I remember we had so much fun with that bed!!!! (well the older members will know what I mean by that!!) :laughing:

It's GREAT to see you!!!! Did you hear I had a baby 3 weeks ago...there are pictures of her around here somewhere!! She's a doll!!

HUGS to you!!!!
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Great news Darlene! Glad to see things are looking up for you.
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This is the best news this morning!
I am so very happy for you and am selfishly happy for the rest of us here to have you back!

God bless you woman!

Welcome home TLK!
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Great news Darlene! I look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your two furbabies with their "big-screen TV!
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I don't think I was here when you first left the Cat Site so I'd like to say Hi, welcome back, and I look forward to getting to know a little more about you in time.

I'm so glad things have worked out well for you at last it really does sound as if you've had a foul and miserable time recently.
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Debby; I did know about your baby. What wonderful news. I know you are in heaven finally having a "Little Angel" of your own. How is Daddy doing? Does he change diapers? I will go and find those baby pics right now. Mike and MaryAnne; You have always been in my thoughts; it just took me awhile to get things together before I could share Happy News with my friends. Thanks for standing by me in thoughts and prayers. Debra and Dtolle; I have missed you both. Debra, put the coffee on; I'm coming over. Yola and Kumbulu; Can't wait to get to know you both. . . . . .

Gotta go do some reading (of old posts) and catch up. . . . . ..

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Hey Darlene, I'm sure Debra M. makes a great pot of coffee and I'll bring the pastries!!

Let the party begin! Welcome back TLK!!

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Oh - that is so wonderful!!! Welcome back!! Soooo good to have you with us again!
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I think around the time that I started here is when you weren't on as much. I don't know you but wanted to let you know that I think it's absolutely wonderful how life has turned around for you. God Bless You!
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It is good to hear a Happy Ending (well beginning, really) story. I look forward to getting to know you in the coming months. I'm sure your furbabes are as happy to be back with you as you are.
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Darlene! I love a story with a happy ending! I don't know you but.....I am sure I will get to know you pretty soon. Glad you found the light at the end of the tunnel and it led you back this way! Welcome back!
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That is good news. I wasn't here when you first started posting, either. I am glad you are back with your children, and in a better living situation. Welcome back.
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Darlene.....the coffee IS on!
We will need some pop tarts though - they are the 'sin of choice' around here these days!
I truly have missed you!
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Well girl, it's about damn time you had a break. I am really happy that everything is finally going your way. You deserve that and more. Hope to see you aroud here livening up the joint.
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I think we should all come sit on the edge of the wonder bed and share some of those pastries that someone mentioned bringing to the party!!!
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