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Funniest thing your cat ever did

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Earlier tonight I fed my cat Mick some catnip. Wow, was that a mistake!!! First he started to run around the house wildly; every time we stomped our feet he ran across the house! Then, he scared the hell out of my older cat, Kiwi by chasing after her! A few minutes later, he decided to go to his little play area. In there, we have a scratch pad, about 10 cat toys, and this very cool toy. It's hard to describe, but it's on the ground, and there is this little circular thing that goes up in the air. It's made of a carpet-like material. Anyway, Mick flopped to his side, under it, and started scratching and biting the circle-shaped thing. I took a piece of yarn, and started to play with him. HE WENT NUTS!!!! He was laying on his side, yet he was moving himself from one side of the toy to the other, with his arms! It was so darn weird, yet very funny!

Seeing this made me think of a good topic to start... what is the funniest thing your cat has ever did?
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An old cat of mine that is no longer with us did two very funny things I always think about when someone asks that question... I was bringing in groceries one day. I left a bag with steak in it on the floor while I went out to the car for the rest of the bags. When I got back in, Tyler had the whole steak in his mouth, growling at me and his sister when we approached him. He finally retreated under the couch with his "kill", and eventually realized that he could not possibly begin to eat it!!
Tyler also used to love to play with shoestrings. He was playing with my tennis shoe on the floor one day and he got the string caught on his back claw. He ran around the apartment puffed up and hissing. He thought the shoe was chasing him!! Cats are the best.
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