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I am tapped out of names

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While shopping at a local store a car screeched up on the outskirts of the parking lot and a black kitty was tossed out. I now have possession of this little one, looks to be about 3 months old, pitch black. Anyone care to toss out a Holiday name for this tom kitty?
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Well, I was just reading a post about a special black kitty named Lucky. Since this one sure seems to be, how about that????
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Noel or Kringle?

The kitty was lucky to have found you !
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Oh no - not another one!!!!!

Nat King Cole. He was in part famous for his Christmas music!! You could nickname him Cat King Cole.

(OK, I have too many cats named after musicians)
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Some people need to be tossed out of cars ........

Timothy ..........

Timothy variant forms: Tim, Timmy, Timmo, Timon, Tymon,

From Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" with Tiny Tim.
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Midnight, Coal, or Cole, Ebony, Black Velvet (hummmmm, better than Vodka), Blackberry, Charcoal,
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Thanks Amy! Meet Cole, now cleaned up and prowling upstairs away from the other cats

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Cole is beautiful! Welcome home Cole!
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Welcome Cole! What a lovely fellow!
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What a handsome boy!! He doesn't look too bad for a "thrown out the window" boy. You do work wonders with these babies MA! Poor little munchkin....
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Such a beautiful little boy.

I can't believe someone did that to him.
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What a beautiful boy Cole is! The pink drinkwell is a bit feminine for him, though MA! He sure looks good ofr being thrown out of a car.
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They stopped and dropped him out of the car. He ran into some bushes and hid until a good samatarian went over and coaxed him out. He is a love, truly hope I can find him a good home, but in this area, black cats are not very welcomed.
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He is just adorable! Why would ANYONE want to get rid of him??
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Cole's adorable and MA and I'm relieved he's safe and said with you. As for the person that dumped him, it's better not to go there!
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Cole is a wonderful name for a black cat at Christmas, exactly what I would have chosen (Noel would be second.)

He's all right? No problems with litterboxes or anything?

Unfortunately some people consider cats 'things' and not living creatures with feelings and souls. Cole is lucky to have found you. I hope his new owners give him a Christmas present of kindness to atone for the poor treatment he received from his last one.
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The tribes have now merged...Cole was introduced into general population today. He merged just fine into the crew. He is put up for the night though, have learned from experience that if there is confrontation it is generally in the wee hours of the morning. As the days pass, he will be able to stay out with the group 24/7

There is no problem with this loveable boy. No litter pan issues, no food problems, no aggression-
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Poor fellow. I will never understand how someone could do that.
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