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I've just seen this thread.Sending lots and lots of good health vibes to sweet Nikita
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Kass, you and Nakita both are going to make it through this! Please let us know ASAP what the hematology reports (and other tests?) indicate!

Nakita remains in my prayers. Of course you and Rob do too.


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Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. I know all about how messy assist-feeding can be...
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Thinking of you and sending vibes for Nakita.
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You are in my thoughts and prayers at this tough time. Sending you hugs and all the good vibes in the world!
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Just heard back from the vet this morning. Nakita's red cell count has gone up to 21% from the 14% that showed earlier in the week. Not sure why, but it could have been how they tested the actual blood sample. Seems there's sometimes a difference in how the testing is done and therefore can change the results. The first test was done in-house and the second was sent to an outside lab. Everything else is normal and within range!!!! I don't know what happened, but all your prayers worked!

Also, I syringe fed her half a can of cat food yesterday. Last night before bed, she ate some dry food on her own! When we woke up this morning, she greeted us at the bottom of the stairs and gave both Rob and I headbutts! She actually looked 'perky' this morning. She still needs a couple of days to recover, since she didn't get much food between Monday - Wednesday so it will take a while to get back to normal. But from looking at her today so far, I'd say she's at 60-70% recovered. I'll make sure she keeps eating and she should be back to normal by Christmas.

Thank you soooo much guys. I was shocked at how many people have posted in this thread! Your support and words of encouragement mean so much to me and helped me through these last few days. You're all wonderful!!!! If you didn't know this before, TCS Vibes & Prayers really do work magic! I honestly wish I could come by and give each of you a big ol' hug!!

We have another appointment, after the holidays, on Dec.27th to recheck the values one more time to verify everything is stable. So it looks like my Emerald Girl is here to stay! Now we still have to figure out these allergies.....but I can certainly handle that!

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That's our girl! Way to go Nakita

Kass, I am so happy for you. I have been checking for updates throughout the morning I can't think of a better Christmas present
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GO NAKITA!!!! I am so glad for you, Kass. She is one of my favorite cats on TCS, and I am SOOOO glad she is feeling better!!!!!
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Best wishes and Good Vibes to you and Nakita.
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Oh Kass, I'm so glad to hear this good news! Many vibes for a complete recovery for Nakita!
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My unique wish for Santa in this Chistmas is The TOTAL and Soon Recovery of Nakita´s Health!

)))))))))))))))))))))) ((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Nakita and your family are in my prayers dear Kass......

Please keep us updated about it of her!..
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That is great news.
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Yay!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased for you and for Nakita!
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Kass - what wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOARD MAGIC WORKS!
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Oh I am so glad to hear good news! Kass, now you three all have a very Merry Christmas!
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You must be so relieved! for a quick and complete recovery, and that you get to the bottom of the allergy problem.
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Wow, that is just amazing. Board Magic is the best!
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*happy tears* I'm so glad your girl is coming around, Kass! That is wonderful news. Continued vibes and prayers for a solution to the allergies.
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I am so thrilled to hear this. I have not been able to get Nakita off my mind. The allergies don't seem quite as daunting anymore, do they?

What a wonderful photo of her
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this made me so happy!! yay!

that photo of her is amazing... she's such a beauty!

happy holidays,

heidi & ashley
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I just came across this thread after being gone for a couple of days. I'm so happy for you and Nakita---I actually got teary-eyed. That pic of your girl was just beautiful; what amazing eyes she has! Still sending lots of vibes dear Nakita's way, hoping for a complete recovery.
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Fantastic news about Nakita! Now all oa you can have a wonderful Christmas.
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Thats wonderful news. Way to go Nakita!!!
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It is good to hear the good news about Nakita. What a wonderful Christmas present for both of you.
I hope that your lovely girl stays healthy and stays with you for many years to come. Happy Holidays Nakita and Nakita's Mom!
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What a relief! I guess this is the best Christmas present you will receive this year !
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just checking in and what wonderful news

I bet you could´ve cried when she ate some food and then that wonderful kitty welcome and head-butts you must be over the moon

Shes just going to get stronger and stronger..............she has to, theres all this love n stuff flying around the world to you all

Heres wishing all of you a
Very, very Happy Christmas and a Very, very Healthy 2007
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i am so incredibly pleased that she is doing so well, and fingers crossed she continues to improve.
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Merry Christmas to Kass, Rob and Nakita!

Just wondering how that beautiful girl is doing?
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Kass, I'm glad Nakita has started showing signs of improvement. I know you've been concerned about her for some time, and she will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I know you must be so relieved!
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