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Keeping you and Nakita in my thoughts and prayers.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Sending lots and lots and LOTS of vibes up North, Kass! I hope Nakita's bloodwork comes back just perfect on Friday and that the abnormal values were just because of the teeth...

And, of course, lots of to you, my friend.
same here - & they very well may have been due to the teeth calming vibes for you & Nakita
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VIBES to you and Nakita, I hope she feels better soon!
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Sharky, Nakita is 4 years old.

Just so you know, the blood test results that didn't come back normal are a very big concern. I couldn't post much last night since I felt numb....it came out of the blue. We're getting them redone on Friday, but I don't think much will change.

Nakita's low red cell levels are showing her to be anemic. On the blood test, the packed cell volume (PCV) should be between 25%-45% in a normal cat but Nakita's tests show 14.9%. Nakita didn't show anything, except maybe a little less energy which I thought was the result of the upset stomach/food trials. If you go to google and type in packed cell volume (PVC) or hematocrit values, it will explain more.

But she did mention she might have to do a bone marrow biopsy as a last resort. Some causes of anemia in cats include autoimmune disease, feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) etc...... I'll know more on Friday.

Your continued support, prayers and positive thoughts are really appreciated. I just want my little girl to be well. I've been trying so hard to make that happen but feel like I've done nothing because of her continued problems.
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oh heck tons & tons & tons of positive thoughts whizzing onto you and Precious Nakita and lots of kitty kisses from my kits I know its real hard, but do keep us updated, we┬┤re all rooting for ya gal
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Hoping you and Nakita see some good results Friday!
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Continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading to Nakita and many Calming }}}VIBES{{{ and to you both
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Vibes for you and your Emerald Girl. {{{{{}}}}}
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Many prayers and {{{{{healing vibes}}}}} to Nakita.
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You and Nakita are n my prayers! Feel better soon sweet Nakita!
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Bless your heart and sweet Nakita's, I will continue to pray for good news on Friday!
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Lotsa vibes, Kass. Hope Friday brings better news.
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Thanks everyone for keeping us in your thoughts.

I woke up this morning to find clumps of Nakita's hair around the house. She's pulling the fur from her chest area. Since she had her dental on Monday, not sure if this was a pain or stress response or even her allergies. I gave her some pain meds early this morning.

I spoke to the vet and Nakita still was pulling her fur. She's sleeping now but if she gets worse I'll bring her in tonight or tomorrow morning. If feels like the more I do for Nakita, the worse it gets.
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oh heck hugs to all .........how strange..........what sort of mood is she in (when shes not sleeping) bless her hope the vet can sort this PDQ for you
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Continuing the vibes
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You continue to be in my thoughts, Kass
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I had to move Nakita's vet appointment to this morning. Yesterday she was pulling her fur out in the morning and then slept all day. She has not shown any interest in eating for the last 16 hours. I tried everything yesterday to make her eat, but she wouldn't.

When I woke up this morning, she literally looked depressed and her eyes seemed 'empty'. We took her to the vet first thing this morning. She sent some bloodwork to an external lab to figure out what is making Nakita anemic. It could be any chronic underlying condition. We will have the results in the morning. Her body weight is down to 4.4 pounds. I just finished force feeding her Prescription A/D canned food. That was a fun experience...NOT! What a mess.

I'm really scared for the results tomorrow and I can't stop being emotional. My girl is so fragile right now and I don't know what they will tell me tomorrow. We need as many positive vibes and thoughts you can spare. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but it looks like a long emotional road ahead.

Please pray for my Emerald Girl.
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Kass, you have all the vibes, thoughts and prayers I can send
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Come on Nakita sweetie, eat for your mummy

Kass you have (((((healthy vibes))))) coming from all over the world for Nakita, and were all here for you
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Prayers and {{{{{healthy vibes}}}}} to Nakita and you.
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Prayers for you and your sweet Nakita. I really hope you can find out what is making her so sick and that it can be easily corrected.
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You and Nakita are in my heart and thoughts with many, many }}}VIBES{{{ heading your way

I hope the results help to get Nakita on her way to recovery
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thinking of nikita... sending you both strength and much love.

~ heidi
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Vibes for Nakita
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Many, many prayers and vibes your Nakita and for you Kass. I do hope you get some answers soon that identify a plan of action.
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Poor sweet Nakita. I hope they find out what is cause this. Continuing prayers and vibes for you both.
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Kass, you know that Nakita has my thoughts and prayers flying to her.
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Vibes for Nakita for you
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Sending many healing prayers and vibes
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