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Kass, I'm sorry the news isn't better Continued prayers for her complete recovery
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Kass Continuing to send many vibes/prayers to you and Nakita
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Oh, I'm so sorry you and Nakita are experiencing all of this...I pray that everything will improve for both of you. Hang in there, and try to remain hopeful...sometimes these TCS vibes really can make a difference!
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You and Nakita are atill in my thoughts, Kass

I am so sorry that there hasn't been a turn around in her health yet, but please try to stay positive . You both have the support of people all over the world.
We want nothing more than to see more of your amazing pictures with your beautiful little girl playing happily without a care in the world
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continuing to send much strength, positivity and get well vibes to nakita.
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Thank you for the update Kass sending lots of prayers.
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Kass - I'm sending lots of prayers and vibes to you, Rob and especially Nakita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm sorry she's still not feeling well. Sending her many prayers and vibes, hope the specialist can give you some answers and a direction to go in that will lead to her recovery.
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Wow, I didn't even know that your amazingly beautiful cat was ill. I'm just catching up with this thread now.....
I sure hope you get some good news soon, Nakita is such an incredibly gorgeous cat.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and her.
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I'm so sorry to hear Nakita is not doing well. Her lovely pictures and your stories about her bring me joy every time I see them.

Sending healing prayers for her to regain her strength.
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Poor Nakita. I'm so sorry she hasn't improved. I hope you all can get this figured out and she can make a good recovery.

Many hugs, prayers, and good vibes to you, Rob and especially Nakita.

Get better soon Nakita. You have many people pulling for you.
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Still sending hugs and vibes to Nakita.
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Still in my thoughts, Kass.
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Nakita is now at rest.
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