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Blood in urine detected 1 week post blockage

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Today while looking at one of my guys that got blocked up last week, which required a trip to the emergency hospital at midnight, I noticed some blood in his urine. It was faint and pinkish, but certainly blood. I know it's common for cats to have blood in their urine after being blocked, but a week afterwards? He's been on antibiotics, and was hooked up to fluids and catheterized for over 24 hours, so he was flushed out well. Is this out of the ordinary granted his situation? The vet told me I caught the blocking relatively early.
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Please call your vet and bring him/her up to date on what you have found.

Let us know how your baby makes out.

Darn, where are my manners......Welcome to TheCatSite.
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I would definitely give the vet a call and ask what they think. Just to be safe.
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We have several cats that have been having problems with blockages and/or crystals. Blood in the urine 2 weeks after the catheterization is something you need to take care of. Schedule an appointment with the vet.

You also need to ask your vet what caused the blockage. If it was crystals, you need to find out what type of crystals. If they were struvite, this can be controlled through acidifying your cat's urine, which can be done through diet and supplements like a cranberry supplement.

If they are calcium oxylate crystals, then you need to put your cat on a special diet. Ours are on a Science Diet X/D diet exclusively. No treats of any kind except chicken baby food.

If it was not crystals, then I don't know where to go from there or what that means, but I'd ask the vet what could of caused it and how you can help prevent it.

If it was crystals, and the vet did not have them tested to find out the type, I'd go to a different vet.

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Thanks for the info, guys. Great site here, I'm glad I finally joined

I did call and explain the situation and I got some more antibiotics. It seems to be a UTI. I haven't spotted anymore blood, but I'm keeping on eye on it and his urination habits. Yeah, he was blocked due to struvite crystals, and I now have him on S/O (I have another cat that has had issues with both struvite and calcium oxylate). I actually took him to my vet on Friday, week before last, had him unblocked then and he blocked up again the next day which required a trip to the emergency vet and cost me a pretty penny. What do you guys think about this? My vet said the chances of a block recurring were slim, but sure enough the very next day it happened.
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