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Plant question

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I had two plants at work. Someone killed my Pothos, so I took the other one home.

I walked in the door with the plant and realized I had not checked it for toxicity, and here was Tammy-Timmy meeting me at the door.

I checked out "Hoya" and "Waxplant" and "Waxvine" and I can not seem to find it listed as a toxic plant to cats.

Does anyone know if this plant, "HOYA" is toxic to cats?
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According to this web site, it is NOT toxic......

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Thanks Pami.....I have tunnel vision. I only looked up "toxic" plants not "non-toxic" plants......long day at work.

Thanks again.
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To the OP: I may have read your post wrong, if so, I apologize in advance.

The list you link to on that website doesn't have Pathos listed on the non-toxic list. It IS on the toxic list as Devil's Ivy.

I've had plants for years and years, and the Pathos, or Devil's Ivy, is a member of the Philodendron family, which is extremely toxic to cats. The Pathos is not a member of the Hoya family.

That said, I have quite a few Pathos hanging around my home, and my cats don't go after them. Instead, they prefer the spider plants and those that appear closest to grass, like my poor Ponytail Palm.

You DO have to be careful with the Pathos in your home, because if your cat ingests it, it could make the kitty quite ill.
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I am sorry if I confused anyone. The Pothos was the one that was killed at work. The Hoya is the one I brought home.
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Just a little side note- even is a plant is not toxic to animals- if they ingest it - it could cause stomach upset and blockage....so be sure to hang them out of kitty's reach
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