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Crazy Ophelia!

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I just looked up in the window as I saw a cat & there shouldn't be one there unless it's a stray. I see it's a white kitty & my heart skips a beat. They have a tendency to find me. I see it also has a collar on. I go outside & OMG it's Ophelia! How she got outside I don't know. She lives in the basement(she's crazy & aggressive ) & the last time a door was opened was an upstairs door & that was almost 2 hours ago! How long she has been outside, I don't know. She looks fine, but is cold. Crimeny.....I would've died if I lost her, no matter how crazy she is. I just hugged her really tight & she's been following me around giving me the evil eye like "meowmy! I was outside & it was cold, why didn't you come rescue me?".

I wish my hands would stop shaking.
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The true tales of life with Ophelia ....

The evil eye was likely hey I was having fun and you wrecked it ...

I am glad you found her before she went truely missing
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I know the feeling, whenever I get home I do a head count and if someone's missing I turn the house upside down searching, Simon used to escape thru the floor vents occasionally, and I'd run screaming thru the neighborhood for him of course he'd just saunter up to me like "what Ma?"
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