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radio question of the day: 12/18/06

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Do you know where your best friend is right now?
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I don't really have best friend other than my Mom and she's somewhere around here
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Yes, my mom is back home - working!
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Yep... she is sitting in front of her computer in Alaska.

I love you Mom!
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My wife who is out drinking with work collegues... Again!
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Yes, she is sitting in front of her computer (Very Pregnant) working as an accoutant she is due January 8th. She has also not returned my phone call in a week and is starting to anoy me.
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Yes my best friend is in New York working! And I got to see her this past week
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mine is at work! she works for a pediatrician....
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On his way to my office to pick me up on the motorcycle!
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Well...my best friend would be my hubby, who's currently trying to make a big sale to one of his customers. So, yes.

I assume my best girlfriend is trying to keep a classroom on Catholic high school girls focused on biology in this week before the Christmas break.
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Well, I'm not actually sure where my best friend M is, because I haven't spoken to him in a while. We have one of those relationships where you don't see someone for a year and then when you do finally meet up again, it's like no time has passed at all. We email back and forth occasionally, but he lives two hours away and we have very different lives now than we did when we were in high school together. He's still my best friend, though.

My other best friend is my fiance, but he doesn't think it's fair to call each other best friends because you ought to be able to tell your best friend that they're being a moron and he doesn't think he should do that with me. But I consider him my best friend, so :P to him! Oh, and to answer the question: he's on his way to pick me up from work.
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My best friend is babysitting a couple of her grandkids today. Yep, it's my mom!
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My best friend (my boyfriend) is sitting on the couch beside me watching tv
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My best gal pal is probably teaching some of her students after class some cheerleading stuff..and then will be heading home and to get ready for a date that she has been looking forward to all weekend!
We always keep each other up to date on girly stuff like that! lol
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My Elementary school best friend yes, sort of anyway. She lives near where we grew up. My HS best friends I do know where they are because we are still friends. One is in Japan, the other lives about an hour north of here. As for this exact moment, the one who lives near here is probably just getting back to her apartment from work. The other is lets see....the other may be just getting out of bed, if the baby is letting her sleep!
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Yup, she's at work She works at a shoe store while she's in college....hehe, can you say hello shoe discount!
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my best friend is my mom and she went to go pick my dad up from work.
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My Hubby is my best friend and yes, he is sitting next to me eating a piece of Pecan pie.
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She's in Georgia. Probably just getting home from work about now.

I get to see her this Sunday for the first time since August!!
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In California-packing in anticipation of moving -we have been forever friends since the day I was born -a loooong time ago
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I'm guessing sitting in front of her computer working on an assignment for school!
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Yeah, he's upstairs in the study.
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My best guy friend is hubby and he's right in front of me playing D&D on his computer. My best girl friend was going to McDonalds to get her and her dogs some food about an hour ago but I bet she's home now stuffed and happy!
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My husband is in the bathroom...
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Yep he's playing video games in the other room.
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I have two - one is at home with her hubby in St. Louis (most likely asleep) and the other? Probably in her apartment (near Chicago).
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He's reading in bed.

My two girlfriends are likely at home.
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Yup he is home sleeping
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Yes...I always know where my husband is
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Do you know where your best friend is right now?
at work right now.....( my lovely wife.....)
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