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Sunday DT

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It is cool (73), with a light rain falling. The cats are lolling around the house and Ike is on the patio, with a rawhide chew.

I don't have to go to work, until 3:00. Had a nice, leisurely morning: the Sunday paper and Bill cooking breakfast (buckwheat cakes and bacon).

The grocery store was hectic, as usual. Lots of good stuff on sale, though. We eat well, this week. I'll be home, for dinner every night, for a change.

Have a good one
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Its a lazy day, the kitties are awake now and wanting some dinner. My husband is watching the tennis match on tv. My mind rolls toward the next couple of days...closing on a new home, finally. And, the kids will have 3 floors to race up and down. I look forward to seeing them get excited and have fun. This apartment is closing in on me.
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Its a HOT one here today. And its HORRIBLE...our air conditioner broke 2 days ago and its been in the 90's the past 2 days and it is suppossed to be 90+ tomorrow too. Someone is coming out tomorrow to fix the AC. Hopefully we won't need a new unit, because we can't really afford one right now. This is the only thing I hate about owning a home-you have to pay for anything that breaks. Oh well...I guess we would have had to fix it sooner or later.

I've been busy cleaning today and running around doing errands. I might stop by the gym so I can get a quick workout in before I hit the sack later.

I hope everyone else's weekend was better than mine. :flower:
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Sarah, If it takes a while to repair the air conditioner, or, heaven forbid(!) it should be broken beyond repair, why not get a used room air conditioner or two to finish off the summer. You can usually find them for $50 and up in the free paper, the Pennysaver, or Green Sheet, or whatever it's called in Chicago. We are getting the same weather you are, and it is hot. I don't want to complain though, because I hate winter.

Colleen, you should have watched that match. It was great! I wanted Agassi to win, but was happy for Sampras anyway. He's a great champion, and it was about time for him to win a big tournament.
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Thanks for the suggestion Jeanie, but we have only one big circle Singer unit that sits on our balcony. (We have central air, so it feeds through some pipes into our house) I wish that we had units that fit in the windows!! I know that I could for sure find one or two to use in the mean time.
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We had central air too, Sarah, in fact two central air conditioners and two furnaces. We have a long 57 foot ranch type, and the previous owners put in the extras. Well, when one of the furnaces died, we had one bigger furnace installed. The air conditioners were too small for only one of them to cool the house, and we couldn't afford a new unit. Our windows weren't made for window air conditioners, so we had plastic cut to measure, and attached it with velcro. Two large air conditioners, bought used, are keeping the house really cool until (if) we can afford whole house again. Anything's better than nothing!
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We are both off today so we went to help my step dad and grandpa finish cleaning out his house so he can move to Texas. }
My mother sent with him, a very pretty ring. It was my great aunts. It has 9 diamonds in it and is shaped sort of like an s. I am going to get it appraised soon. I am glad to see everything worked out so well considering it all happened in such a short amount of time.
Now we are enjoying a vegan dinner(chili of all things, no meat) It's yummy!
Off to the vets tomorrow to get Lunas shots. I am not looking forward to that. i hate it when she crys. I want to cry too..
Spooky, I am so sorry to hear about your a/c. I hope it's nothing that costs to much to fix.
katl8e, I want to know how you get your hubby to cook you breakfast. My s/o only eats cereal in the am so I get nothing or that and I have to make it myself.
Oh yeah, the horrible neighbors didn't move. only a few left. Now they are playing their music at earshattering levels and I am about ready to go out there and kill!
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Barb, Bill LIKES to cook breakfast on the weekends. He does it, whenever I am home. I never asked him to - he just started doing it, from the beginning. If I had met him 30 years ago, I would still be on my first husband.

We hit a rough patch, a few months ago but things are going very well, now. Sometimes, I wonder what I've done, to deserve him and don't think that I do enough FOR him.
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