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Can things get any worse?

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Honestly, I try to always remain positive and live day for day. But the last year has been so hard. It feels like I take one step forward but end up two steps back.

Nakita went in for her dental cleaning today. I find out that she needs two extractions! Not one but TWO I feel so bad that she's been in pain and I didn't even know. We take her in every year for her physical but the previous vets never noticed anything and said her teeth were in good shape.

We're also trying to figure out why she has hyperesthesia symptoms. She basically runs across the room, as if shocked, and then grooms her back leg like crazy. At no point did we think her teeth were involved - it didn't even seem to be a consideration. I did mention to a previous vet that she does occasionally run away from her food bowl, with these hyperesthesia symptoms, but we really thought she had a pinched nerve (or similar). Every time she goes to eat and gets in that low to the ground position, she would run away, thus thinking it was a spinal/nerve issue. She never showed any other dental symptoms, no excess grooming of the mouth, dropping food, drooling etc.

Today, they found a broken tooth with a nerve exposed and another tooth that was totally decayed. Both these teeth were are located at the far back of the mouth. My poor, poor girl. I'm so sorry.

And then trying to introduce Nakita to Phoenix back in September and all the emotion and let down that happened. Again, on the vets advice he suggested introducing a companion since he thought Nakita's hyperesthesia was from boredom. I just feel so sad I put Nakita through all this.

Plus I'm currently unemployed, which at this time of year doesn't help at all. The vet bill from today is crazy and we have to add that to our ever increasing loan.

If I hear that song.....It's the most wonderful time of year....I'm going to

Sorry guys, just needed to vent.

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Awww honey! I know this is a hard time for you, but everything is going to be okay. If you need to talk or anything feel free to PM me at any time.
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Sorry things arent going well for you! Sometimes it really takes a long time for cats to get used to each other. Ive had Nazumi for almost a month (I think) and he is just starting to get along with the girls. Annie Rose Ive had for 6ish months and she just started to get along with Kitten. Hope things start working out better!
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Sorry you're having a rough spot Kass
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Even the littlest bills can send some of us over the edge and dealing with a sick animal on top of this can only make things harder
(((((Russian Blue)))))
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Lots of
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It'll be alright, I know how you feel.

We got Reeses from a high school from of my wife. He had her since she was a kitten and couldn't afford to get her shots or get her spayed. So when we got her, by the time she was 15 months or so, our first vet visit cost over $135 to catch up on her shots and all that. We make an appointment for December 14th to get her spayed. Then, 5 days later she goes into heat and the earliest appointment we can get is November 30th, so we had to deal with that for about a week until atleast her outward physical symptoms stopped. But as soon as that stopped, she started throwing up, about once a day. She wasn't eating either so we changed her food and we thought it was because of the food she was eating. It turns out that she wasn't eating because she was still in heat, and she was throwing up because she had a fever. After taking her to the vet, getting her fluids, anti-biotics etc.. there goes another $100 or so. She stops throwing up and we get her spayed, that was $300 or so. Then the day after she comes home she starts throwing up daily for a few days. Take her back to the vet, and another $100 or so later, she has another fever and they do some blood work. A few days after that she's still not getting better and can't keep her anti-biotics down, so the doctor thinks she has inflamation and wants to run some more tests to make sure. That's another $100 or so for Prednizone and blood work.

FINALLY she's all better I'm sure it'll work out fine with your kitty too. Believe me, I was stressed to the absolute max during the time too so I don't blame you for being the same. Feel free to drop me a PM as well if you need to talk/vent.
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I have to take Grizzly in next month for some major dental work so I feel your pain with now knowing their teeth are in tough shape and that its $$$.

I hope things even out for you next year.
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Oh Kass, I'm so sorry things didn't go well with Nakita's teeth. Poor girl! But please don't blame yourself...cats hide pain so well, and you have been doing EVERYTHING possible to figure out what is going on with her! I'm glad you decided to get the teeth cleaning done now, though. I hope this alleviates a lot of Nakita's issues. (That could also be why she was so picky about her food too - she may have been rejecting the food based on how hard it was to chew rather than taste.)
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I'm sorry you didn't know how bad Nakita's teeth were. They are removed now & will no longer cause her pain....remember that many cats go with sore teeth & their owners don't care about them.

This holiday season, no matter how bad you feel, remember that Nakita you very much & that we're all here for you!
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Kass, I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time....

I'm sure you did everything you could for are doing the best you know how to do. And I'm sure Nakita knows she has a meowmy that loves her so much..... I will keep you both in my warm thoughts & wishes
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Kass.... I know how it feels, I really do! Being unemployed this time of the year is the worst thing ever. If you need to talk, you know I'm just PM away

Sending tons of vibes to you and Nakita
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I am so sorry for you and Nakita. You are both in my prayers.
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Oh chikk, I'm sorry things have been so hard for you recently. Don't dwell on the past, but on the fact you have helped Nakita. Sending you lots of hugs and some Holiday cheer
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I'm really sorry that things aren't going your way! Things will get better for you and Nakita!
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I'm so sorry things have been rough on you lately. Please don't blame yourself for little Nakita's current problems- you did the best you could by getting her to the vet for her yearly checkups and everything else she needed. You are an excellent meowmy. Sometimes though, certain conditions develop beyond our control or to our knowledge. Just as what happened with her teeth and other issues. You didn't know any better- you did the right thing by taking her to the vet to seek out the help she needs- if anything, you're helping her/ I know times are rough- but try to stay positive sweetie- after every rain...the sun has to come out eventually And it will for you. A brand new year is around the corner- hang in prayers are with you that the upcomming year will be much better for you
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Oh sweetie! Things are piling up on you like a ton of bricks aren't they?
Just remember, you caught Nakitas teeth and now her mouth will be ok and hopefully things will go up from here. til then, to your hearts content!
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So sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I know that problems seem to come in bunches. At least Nakita's teeth will be better and that may help with some of her other problems. There's no way you could have known her teeth were hurting her. I hope things get better from here.
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You guys will get through this Like I mentioned in your other thread, the extraction may turn out to be a blessing in disguise if it alleviates her symptoms, which I hope it will. Please don't blame yourself for any of it...believe me I laid quite a guilt trip on myself when I found out JinJin had an abcess & a broken tooth, and I didn't know. The important thing is that she will definitely feel better. Hopefully this will be her turning point. The financial worries, though scary, are temporary. You'll figure it all out. Meanwhile, we're here to listen
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Lots of good vibes coming your way. I know just how you feel - sometimes we think we can't take one more thing. But I am sure it will get better and NAkita will thank you for looking after her.
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Many good }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way, Kass
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