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Help,need advice about my mom

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So I went out with my ex for almost 2 years, we lived with eachother for most of that time. When I am in a relationship and my mom likes the guy she treats them like she would treat me. So when she would give me money she would give him money. If I couldnt hangout with her, he would, they go to movies every once in a while, or shopping. She calls him on the phone too. And Im totatly fine with it if Im going out with a guy,(im not fine with the giving money part though)But my ex and I broke up. My mom is a very kind women always helping everyone. Since my ex had no where to live,cause he just took out school loans and goes to school 10 hours a day, she offered him a room at her house. She even allwoed him to bring his cats(and she HATES cats,I was never allowed to bring an animal over,espeically a cat)
So I was ok with him living with her temporaily, till he can save some money then move out with friends. Its a weird situation, most parents i dont thinkwould take in an ex of their daughters.

So its been like 3 months now, he is still there. I talked to her the other day and asked how much longer he was going to be staying with her, and her reply was he can stay with me as long as he wants, or forever. I told her it bothered me. Im still friends with my ex, but I konw he still loves me. I just think he needs to find his own place, I mean come on we have been broken up for over 3 months and he is living with my mom. My mom says he pays her rent, but i am pretty sure she is lieing.

I dont know what to do. She wont listen to me or acknowledge that the situation is weird. She wont kick him out or give him a time limit. Even though she knows how I feel about it.
I dont want to be the bad guy but my mom is making me be the bad guy. I dont know what to do.
I dont thinki this is healthy.
Also what if i meet someone and what am i suppose to tell them about my ex living with my mom, they would probley run away screaming.

What do I do?
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It really doesn't sound like there is much you can do,. It looks like your mother has adopted your ex. I think you are just going to have to ignore it, and treat it as if your mother is renting a room out to a stranger. I would not socialize with them. Where is xmas this year? At your moms? I would find a male freind to play boyfreind and take him over for xmas. See what happens, how they react.
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Sounds like your mom has adopted him. There isnt anything you can do. Youve told her how you feel and now its up to her. And she sounds like she wants him to stay. Maybe try and talk to him?
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