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Cat yak

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My 2yr old female cat is vomiting, lately, one or two times a day. She'll yak up this yellow foam stuff first, then some thick digested-looking brown gunk. Is it hairballs or vomit? (What do hairballs look like, anyway?)

I already get anti-hairball dry food, so what else can I do?

Also, I'm moving the furniture around, and I wonder if that's stressing her out, or something.

She doesn't seem otherwise out of sorts....

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Is threre anyting else going on? Runny eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing?

Is she alert, does she play or is she lethargic, always sleeping?
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No, she seems completely fine other than the yakking. She'll play, eat, cuddle, etc.

I have heard her meowing loudly and repeatedly and miserably before she yaks, so maybe it's painful, or something. But I can't infer too much from that, since she meows loudly and repeatedly when she wants something, anyway.
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Originally Posted by livedeeply View Post
What do hairballs look like, anyway?
well they will have hair in - obviously the hair from your kitty so it should be the same colour.

Does she go outside......she might have eaten something that has upset know a bug or well anything she has taken a fancy to really

Dino yaks when he has had eaten food too quickly, or if DH sneaks him some roast chicken - its too greasy for him - so there could be a number of things thats causing her to throw............

aww.. well maybe you should call into the vets, as it sounds like this has been giong on for a few days ..........if she´s eaten something she cant yak up well that needs keep us posted and heres hoping she better PDQ
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She's an inside cat, except for the screened-in patio room. She's such a picky eater... she won't even touch the special treats I give to my other cat! I can't imagine what she'd have eaten.

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it might be a hairball thats stuck, my Jinx had one of those, I just got Laxatone, I got it from the vets, but I've seen it pet stores too, and I smeared it on paw so she'd lick it off and about 24 hours later and she was all better
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If you give your cat a half-inch ribbon of hairball remedy (there are several different brands, basically it's flavored vaseline), the puking should stop. It does sound like she hacked up a hairball.
If she continues to vomit after you treat her like that, it's time for a checkup.
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Awhhh, she just yakked up a puddle of yellow water. Poor girl. I gave her some vasoline, and nothing to report yet....
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Please get your cat to the vet at once. This could be a serious condition.
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I can't, today -- I'm without transportation, till my husband gets home from work. What did you think it might be?

...Isn't there another post on here today ("discharge") about cats leaving yellow puddles, that sound like hairballs?
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Please get your cat to the vet at once. This could be a serious condition.
I agree ... if you cant get there at least call
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My Alley used to get hairballs regularly. They would be quite large when she would vomit them up and she always howled a few times right before. The hairball remedy they mentioned does help. Alley didn't like it, and wouldn't lick it off her paw, so I always had to wipe it on her tongue and make her swallow it. The hairballs were long and were obviously undigested food and hair. If your cat has these, I recommend giving her the hairball medecine regularly or hairball remedy cat food to help prevent them, because I'm sure it can't be pleasant for them to throw them up like that. Just imagine if it was you!

Having said that, I would definitely take your kitty to the vet before you do anything else, just to make sure its not something more serious. You don't want to take chances with your little girl.
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just checking in..............hows kitty (sorry dont know her name)..........did you get her to the vet ?

do let us know
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