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the Daily Thread Monday Dec 18

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I'm back!!! Well, I was here, but not at work. Now I am there.

Nice day on tap, foggy as heck this morning but warm this afternoon!

And someone has a birthday today... hmmm... who is it???? Lemme think.... no. Not him.... nope not her..... Geez, my memory is shot. Oh well, it'll come to me later....

Looks like someone from Karen's neck of the woods is honored today, but they used one of Sarah's words too!

Have a great day everyone!
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Is it someone beginning with "T"?

Brrr it was frosty here today when i left the house for work

Well my curtains are supposed to be getting hung tonight. I've havent had a call to say their not so looking good!!.
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Good Morning everyone

Well I only have a half day of work today and I get to go out for lunch with my boss Then I am going to finish up m Christmas shopping!! Only one week from Christmas!

Oh and Neet, It is Brad Pitts birthday today silly
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Morning (ish!) everyone!

Another cold and murky day here today! I managed to finish off my Christmas shopping over the weekend, so I'm getting all that wrapped today!

I have to finish organising the house and get some decs up and I'll be ready!

Have a good day everyone!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Brad Pitt!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Is it someone beginning with "T"?
Maybe. I'm not sure...... my mind is going.

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Oh and Neet, It is Brad Pitts birthday today silly
That's probably it. "The Man" starts with a T....
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"Brad Who?"

The newsletter is due today and one person has not got their reports to me and I am miffed and will have to look for filler. Where's that hammer...
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Let's hear it for Mother Goose

It is supposed to be in the 50's here today, but is going to rain later. I have an allergist appointment in about an hour for shots. Other than that nothing exciting planned, just laundry and cleaning. Aaron decided to work from home today, so Abby and I have company Oh yes, and I have to go to the Post Office to pick something up It is supposedly the busiest shipping day of the year. I'll drive by, and if it is bad I will go tomorrow.
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It's so warm in Toronto it's crazy! We picked up a Christmas tree and we were wearing short sleeves! Also, no white Christmas for us. Almost all of Ontario, including the regular snow belt regions, are green and will be staying that way for the next while. I may complain about the white stuff around February, but you need it for Christmas!

As I mentioned in another thread, Rob dropped Nakita off at the vets for a dental cleaning and allergy test. We couldn't feed her food after 8pm and she kept moaning at me like I was evil. She usually eats at night so she didn't know what was going on, poor girl!

Also, will probably find out about a job I interviewed for last week. Hope they call sooner, rather than later. It sucks having no money at Christmas.

I have to clean up the area we were renovating this weekend. After that, start organizing my photos and figure out a calendar design for Christmas gifts. And then, start my Christmas baking.

Have a great Monday! One week until Christmas!
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A sunny and "unseasonably" warm day and week for Wisconsin. I planted tulip and other bulbs outside as the ground isn't frozen!! No white Christmas for us either as we will have rain/sleet on Thursday and Friday.
Baked and frosted the cut-out cookies, made the Chex party mix. Have the final grocery list ready. Must work on the Christmas cards yet.
I do not have alot yet to do other than cleaning!!
Have a good day.
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I have been up since 7AM running errands and now I'm SO tired... I came home at 9AM and took a short nap, now I'm up - and getting ready to go do Christmas with a friend and run some more errands and do the last of my shopping..... I'll be ready for bed by 3PM I think!

Its cold out today...20*... FINALLY!

Hope you all have a wonderful day... only 7 more days til ChRiStMas!!
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