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Jack and Chloe....before and after

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Well, Jack is almost a year old (Chloe is one month younger) and I thought I'd post a few pics from their first days and now....

Jack Before

Jack Tonight

Chloe Before

Chloe Tonight
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What beautiful babies they have become!
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oh my......... what special cuties what breed are they ?
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Aren't they stunning!!
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They certainly have grown from adorable kittens to stunning adults!
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WoW how GORGEOUS they are I was hoping you would be showing the before and afters in a movie!
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They are both so very pretty!!!
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Very cute pictures- I was suprised at the way Chloe has grown, her is lovely
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They're both beautiful. Jack really looks like a show cat in his more grown up picture.
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Oh there just lovely, it's amazing how much they change isn't it
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They MUST be Somalis - absolutely you show? Jack is ruddy and Chloe is red???
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Thanks, they really are getting big! They are both Somalis and Jack is Ruddy (Tawny in Aus.) and Chloe is Red (Sorel in Aus.) Jack is from Australia and Chloe's father is also from Aus.

No, we don't show but both Chloe and Jacks fathers are Grand Champions. I don't know if Chloe has the temperament for shows, but Jack would probably do OK.

The problem here is that in Hawaii, we have only one show (maybe two) a year and it would take years to Grand.
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They are beautiful! Do they require much grooming?
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Actually they require little attention from us at all. These two are funny, they don't really care to be brushed. Bart used to come running if he saw is pick up his brush. Both Jack and Chloe seem to tolerate a few strokes then they 'wander' off???
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