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Has anyone here gone to vet tech school?

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I was all ready to start going in January and I realized the collage I chose is not accredited. If I want to become a certified vet tech then I need to go to an accredited school correct? Does anyone know how this works? I have to call the school tomorrow with the final word on whether or not I will be attending. But I really don't think it is a good idea. It is only a 10 month program and according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, only 2 year programs are accredited. I think I need to find somewhere else to go. I think attending an accredited school is the only way you can take the licensing test.

Anyone have any sort of advice? Or even any vets out there that might know.

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Dont have any advice but wanted to say good luck. I think you do need to go to a 2 year school though. I did research on it many moons ago when I was still in high school. Anyways good luck!
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Have you looked into a two year community college in your area. I know the one here in Columbus has the two year program. They even have a night program for people who work. It takes a little longer but it is nights until the internship at the end.
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Yes Cuyahoga Community College is where I will probably have to go.
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Ok I think I figured it out...

Vet Assistant is what I was planning to do, that is a program that can be completed in under a year for a diploma.

Vet Tech is a 2 year program and you are just taught a little more in depth, I think you can do more with medicating animals.

I called Northcoast which is where I was planning to attend and they are accredited and they offer immediate job placement via an extrenship in which 95% of the students have been hired once graduated.

I think I am going to go with the 10 month program to become a Vet Assistant. It will be done quicker and all I want really is to work at a shelter or humane society, I don't care really to work in a vet's office so I don't think I need the extra schooling.
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Vet assistant is something anyone can do and most vets just hire off the street for that no experience or training needed... Around her it pays about 6-8 an hour ... Vet tech can be learned on job but most vets want some schooling ... Ave pay is 10-12 an hour
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So if I can learn vet tech stuff on the job, then I will have the required schooling if I do attend Northcoast and receive a vet assistant diploma, right? It is such a major decision rrgg! I think I am going to attend Northcoast and receive my diploma as a Vet Assistant. That will at least give me some professional training for the job. I already have a ton of experience in everything I will be learning there but I want something offical so I can get a job.

I think I am making the right decision by attending Northcoast.
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Yippy and for making a descision
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