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My cuties

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I don't have a cat but my gf does. Sometimes I babysit him when she has too much stuff going on. He is great, he loves to groom me. He'll hop up to my head and lick my hair.
Anyway, here are my babies.
First up, Yumi. I'm told she is has a little dachshund in her. I dunno. I found her on the street on day and took her in.

Here is Andi. He is the pet that has been with me the longest. Hopefully one of these days I'll have enough money to buy him a larger tank and some friends. In the meantime, he seems content swimming by himself.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. They live right next to my desk and keep me entertained.
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Awwwwwwwwwww Yumi is just precious. What endearing eyes she has Good for you for taking her off the street Beautiful fish, as well.
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Andi is a piranha, isn't he?

What do you feed him?
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I was wondering about Andi myself? Never heard of alone piranha... does he eat with you watching? I had piranhas once but they always ate at night.
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I feed Andi all sorts of fish fillets. Tuna, salmon, catfish, trout etc. Unfortunately, he still won't eat in front of me. I drop food in his tank and come back an hour later to find that it is either all gone or there are huge chucks ripped out of it.
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I want Yumi!! She is TOO cute!
post #7 of 12 were joking about getting Andi some friends, right...
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Great pics! Yumi is sooo cute!!
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I caught this thread late... I'm curious though, if anyone's reading... What happens if two piranha live together in the same tank? Are they hostile toward one another? I thought they lived in... err.. something akin to packs in the Amazon rivers... Pardon my ignorance =)
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Yumi looks doxie-mix alright! She's so cute - she reminds me of the Odie in the Garfield movies
Are the "Things" clownfish?
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Piranha are schooling fish and do well together, Andi though looks like a Red Pacu, a close relative of the piranha
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Ah I see... Thanks for the reply Arlyn!
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