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New pics of AC's crew

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I've got some new pics of the kittens and just wanted to share. Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed snapping!

Sharing the love! *smile*

Allen and Meghan

Oliver and Meghan

Oliver and Rachel

Allen and Rachel

Allen and Meghan

All four

Allen and Rachel again, sharing my lap.
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And the incredibly photogenic Allen.

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o my they are sooooo gorgeous
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You have 4 INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS babies there The calico and tabi-coe have stunning markings, and I agree - Allen is very photogenic - is he a Maine Coon mix??? He's got those round paws, the ear tufts, the angled eyes, the boxy muzzle
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totally speechless
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Oh my goodness, talk about gorgeous! You've got 4 beautiful, content and happy babies there

Their all so loving with each other it's too precious for words
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Those pics are great! what a super snuggly bunch of adorable babies you have
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Awwwwwww!!! I wish I could get good pics of mine cuddling like that. You have beautiful babies.
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They are beautiful and so cuddly!
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It cant get any more precious than that! What loveable, GORGEOUS babies they are!

Have you decided that you are keeping them all?
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What an adorable bunch! I can see that the love flows freely in your house! So great to see so many kitties getting along!
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What gorgeous, cuddly babies you have. I'm in love!
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Wow, your cats are beautiful!!!
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Thanks for your kind compliments, everyone! I may be a new cat momma, but I sure am a PROUD one! These guys are so incredibly personable, it just blows me away.

Catsknowme, to the best of my knowledge, there is no Main Coon in the genetics of these kittens. The mom is a most beautiful patched tabby calico, Abby (below), and the father is unknown. None of Allen's siblings have his lovely thick undercoat.

Pami, I officially adopted all four kittens on December 1st.
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They are all so lovey!
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Oh they are toooo cute! I love how they just pile together for snuggly naps!
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