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Asked to cat sit

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My brother's family will be going on vacation in Feb. for about 8 days. They have my male cat's sister (they are about 8 months old right now). Since she is a "single kitty" and very social -- they worry about leaving her home alone. I know I would feel the same way.

Anyhow, they have wondered if I would take there cat here for that time. Our cats have not seen eachother since leaving their littermates at 4 months old (4 months ago). I would like to try this but I am not sure it is good idea. I am kind of more worried about the cat being freaked out by my kids (ages 4 and 6) then her brother.

Any ideas? Would some "visits" before this time help? Or... is this just too short of a time to make this work.
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Hi, I don't think she'll be more freaked out by your children than her brother - who she will not remember at all, and they both will be freaked out by each other. If there's any way you can arrange for her to come straight into a room that's been set up for her, with a box, water, toys, and cat-proofing of your things, that might best idea for the week - and have her 'out' when her brother is in a different room. There isn't enough time to socialize them to each other, and it's not worth chancing a showdown to just let them roam freely. Do be very sure your children know not to let her near the (front) door if they're going out, as she may want to make a run for it.
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We had our friend's pet sit our kitty for a few days over Thanksgiving. They have two cats, and our kitty (Puppy) is special needs and has been an only cat for a year. There was some hissing and growling for a few hours, but when we came to pick him up, all three cats were sleeping on the couch just a few feet apart. We brought over all of Puppy's toys, plus his towels, food, and litterbox. Everyone ate each other's food, used each other's litter box, and "shared" toys. I think it did help Puppy to have his stuff there. He slept on his towel every night.
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