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Grey Mommie is "Tame" !

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Came home from a quick errand after dark last night. As I pulled in, I thought I saw Booger. Got out of the car, walked over toward the kitty with my hand out, leaning down, and kitty came over for pets. It wasn't Booger! It was the grey pregnant cat we've seen around, although she's had her litter. She was rubbing her head on my hand and purring, and I skritched her head and ears and neck. Someone out for a walk came by just then, and she scooted.

Went scrounging around up in the woods behind us - found another burrow nearby that it looks like she might have her nest in. Put food out specially for her hoping she'd come back, which after a bit she did, but was unable to follow her home. BTW, I mis-spoke when I wrote before that she was a tiger grey. She's solid, that very soft blue-grey. Her kitties should be about two weeks old, so in another week or two we'll probably see them scampering around.

In all the males around here, finally found another female. We'll keep them around with food, then get her shots and spayed after the kitties are weaned.
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You are magical! Big hugs for caring for these cast-offs....Told you more would come...
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That is so cool! You must have been pleased as punch that she came up for a little lovin!
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You're so sweet, but I don't think it's me. I think it means she's a stray, dumped or lost at some point in time, probably not abused or she wouldn't have come over for pets. But it IS so nice when they want some lovin' !
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Laurie, I can just hear mommy gray kittie telling the new babies, "Children, there are guardian angels out in the big world, and I met one today." God bless you!!
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Nope, Laurie, Hissy is right. Some people have that *touch* with animals. Hissy is one of them, and it seems you are another. After all, you said when another person came by she ran off, right? Consider your feral neon sign well lit. Hopefully she will bring you babies pretty soon!
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That being the case Laurie, please know that the neon light never goes out. I believe there is a neon lightbulb fairy who replaces them all the time.
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I guess animals know who loves them!

When we first saw her it was a little over two weeks ago and she was pregnant. So the kittens are probably about two weeks old, which means, I think, that their eyes are open and they're just starting to crawl around? So it should be in another couple of weeks we'll see the little brood out playing. And what a perfect time! After Labor Day the R.V. Park pretty much empties out, so there will be far less scary things (people, cars, etc.) moving around. How nice for the kitties! :tounge2:
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Laurie - you have the magic touch for sure!
God bless you!
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Laurie, I'm sure you know this, but even at several weeks old, unsocialized kittens will hiss at you, raise their little backs, make their furr stand on end, and try to terrify you!! I'm sure you'll be properly frightened! I just want you to try to socialize the babies ASAP (or ASAF as soon as found, or ASAMA as soon as mommy allows!) Mother cat will move them if you disturb them too soon, however.
I read somewhere that babies of every other species are terrified of something huge and frightening; only kittens, tiny as they are, will make a stand and try to frighten the monster! Such character our kitties have.
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As far as socializing the kitties just wait a bit. Let them nurse from mom, and learn from mom and as long as she trusts you she will bring them to you. Once they are old enough, all you need to do is sit down on the ground near where they are feeding and be as still as a stone until they are so used to your presence they start playing around you. It takes time and patience but it is worth it to let mom have them for at least 12 weeks before you even try to pick them up or handle them. Mom will attack you on a minute's notice if you mess with her babies to soon and let me tell you, from experience a ticked off feral mom is quick and a force to be reckoned with. Good luck!
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