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What to get???

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Last minute present idea!

My cousin had his first [adorable] baby girl back in July. I didn't find out until September and by then I been divulged in my school work.

So now I'm 5 months behind on getting a "congratulations" gift. I figure by now they much have enough clothes, so I'm thinking about getting her a toy.

I figure I would just order online and send it to them, rather than hitting the stores at the last minute and packing it up and shipping. I'm worried as they live in Chicago and I haven't been Chicago shopping in AGES! So I'm drawing a blank as to what stores they would be able to access.

Any ideas? Or would a clothes set be fine???
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When my Aunt had her first baby - I did a little care package for them - it included diapers, wipes, lotions, a cute little set of clothes (usually Shopko has SUPER cheap clothes sets and they are so cute), burp rags and some extra bottles that I knew she was going to be using. She said it came in so helpful - of course that stuff can get spendy, but I know they appreicated that they had that stuff now on hand

I know they also appreciated clothes that she would eventually grow into - since they grow out of things so quickly at that age!
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