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Should I or Shouldn't I??

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Stop going to the tanning bed?

Here is the full embarassing story, and I am seriouly torn wether to stop or not..

I have horrible self esteem issues and everyone makes fun of me because of how pale I am, so it really does give me more confidence to have some colour...I feel like I look way better with a tan..


Skin cancer runs in my family, and I know its very bad for my skin...and it is causing some other unmentionable disturbing side effects on my skin..

Should I give it up or not?
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If your worried about it... I'd definately stop going. Have you tried any self tanning lotions?
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Definitely stop going It's not worth risking cancer over or other skin problems. Instead- try the Mystic Tan or some good tanning lotions. I pm'd you some tips earlier on the mystic/self tanner stuff- so with a little practice, you'll still have that gorgeous glow you like without the potential for cancer or other side effects
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I'd stop, I read somewhere that just going one time to a tanning bed increases your chances of getting skin cancer by 150% Skin cancer runs in my family too, my grandma died from melanoma and my grandfather had a basal carcinoma removed, my aunt has also had a few moles removed. I used to go in the spring before I went to Myrtle Beach as the sun down there gives me a horrible rash but I haven't in years and will never go again, just not worth the risk to me. I'm lucky in that I have a yellow undertone ot my skin so I'm never atually "white" but I'm still not tan either
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I stopped going a long long time ago.

I had a biopsyon a mole when I was 21...that turned out to be a precursor of melanoma (Dysplastic Mole). If you have moles, as in a lot, I would DEFINITELY stop tanning.

My sister has fake baked for 20 years now and I swear, when she hit 33, her chest was so leathered from all the tanning that she did (between the actual sun and fake baking) and the rest of her was well into the wrinkle stage that she could've passed for 40.

Plus don't worry about being pale. I am! I have goth people envy of how pale I am. It's a positive thing! Less worry of wrinkles, most guys dig it, and Trout doesn't care if you're tan or not. As long as you keep feeding him you're the perfect human!
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Hey I'm as white as a ghost and I'd never go to a tanning bed. Those things scare me. Germs and cancer are not high on my happy list!
I've always wondered if they clean them out and how good of a job they do if they actually clean them because I know I wouldn't want my booty sitting on someone elses sweat and yuck, I mean ewww ya know?
I have serious self conscious issues too but I'd never consider getting into one of those.
Honey, you look great no matter how white you are. Your skin will thank you for not constantly subjecting it to uv rays day after day if you stop now.
And anyway, who cares how white or tan you are? A person should like you for who you are not how you look. If they only like you for how you look, that's shallow and sad and you need to find better.
I say dump the tanning bed and go natural girl! Your body will thank you for it in the long run!
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One of my previous supervisors was dubbed “Leather Face†at the ripe old age of 30, which of course makes her look like she is in her 40’s. I used to be pretty self conscious of my paleness but seeing what people who tan look like down the road has forced me to make the best of it.

I tried Mystic Tan once before a big event and though I was told I looked nice...I just felt orange. I'd rather look like my sickly pale self.
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Give it up. I'm also cursed with very pale skin. Its better then skin cancer girl! When I was younger I always used to wonder why did I have to take after the Irish in me instead of the Native American. I was always so jealous of my brothers.
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I'd stop if I were you. I'm very, very pale myself, and I know more people that think pale is beautiful than a tan.
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I am a redhead and as pale as they come... I like it that way!
Living in Florida it's a task to keep from getting sun...especially when your husband's a roofer Dh calls me a vampire
I look ALOT younger then what I really am because I stay out of the sun and use lots of lotions and moisturizers. I have cousins here in FLA who look twice thier age because they go to the beach and tanning beds.
I would stop.. all you're doing is speeding up the aging process...
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From one pale and glowing body in the sun light to another. I'd stop. You are much healthier with the pale skin than with the tanning and it'd be so bad if you got burned doing it with the risks already running in your family! Show your skin with pride! I've been learning to love the creamy milk white complextion I've got!
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After having lost several people in my family to cancer, I think you should quit. It's not bad to be pale!
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I think you should stop going. Its not worth risking your health just because some people can say stupid things. I have pale skin too. If everyone were the same how boring would that be?
post #14 of 27're beautiful who cares what other people say! Your health is more important, maybe spray tanning if it really bothers you, or lotions etc.
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Your health is more important. And as some have already mentioned, your old self will thank your young self because you won't look old and wrinkly before your time. My sister is three years younger than me but because of her tanning and smoking, many people think she's older.
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I think you should stop going too. Everyone is self-conscious about something. Thinking about how horrible skin cancer would be might help. Good luck.
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Pale is the new tan, baby! (Seriously, according to Cosmo a few months [shush, I enjoy reading the same three articles over and over again], a number of Hollywood stars are trying to start an anti-tanning campaign because it isn't healthy to bake in the sun all day. I can't remember who's involved, but I believe Nicole Kidman is one of them.)

I don't tan at all. Let's just say that when I did the goth thing in high school, I didn't have to powder my skin to make myself look unnaturally pale: I just come that way.

Don't let people make fun of you for being healthy, and don't let their rudeness tempt you into doing something that could seriously destroy your health. Healthy is beautiful.
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I didn't vote Natalie....your choices were a bit drastic don't ya think?!

I think there is room for a compromise in there. I being tan, but I do worry about skin cancer (especially if it runs in your family!). So I tan in the sprint time, for a month or 2 till I get prepped for sun & shorts & swim suits! And then I stop, and I just enjoy the natural sun at my convenience (maybe a day on the weekend) to maintain some color. And in the winter, I just stay pale like the rest of the world!
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I'm white as a ghost as well & pretty darn proud of it! When people are 50 & dying of cancer you'll be healthy & happy you quit. It is sad to think that people are killing themselves all for the sake of so called "beauty". You should feel bad that you are white, when people make comments about you being so white, always have a comeback ready. I finally told one girl who incessantly made fun of me for being white to go to....well, you get the idea! Flaunt your pale're beautiful the way you are!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have horrible self esteem issues and everyone makes fun of me because of how pale I am, so it really does give me more confidence to have some colour...I feel like I look way better with a tan..

Should I give it up or not?
just tell them when they make fun of you how you'll look years younger than they will for years longer.
seriously - my sister was a devoted tanner during her teen years. i burnt like a crisp & so never even went out in the sun w/o sunblock. i'm older - but i look younger. we're both in our late 40s.
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looks like the poll is all for´s some research

As I live in Spain I am super aware of the suns harmful rays.............I used to be a sun-worshipper...........but now I use creams, cover-up and sit under shade whenever about those spray-on tans, are there any salons near you that do that ? Like Fantasy Tans in the US

note: just read your comment about "self-esteem" etc.........only a thought but could you spend the money on some help with that........
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Stop, now! You might get skin cancer and you'll look like leather by the time you're 40! I've seen your pic, and you are gorgeous. I don't think you need to worry about needing a tan to look great!
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Tanning is over-rated when it brings with it the health risks it does. I'd say give it up -- 'taint worth it.
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If skin cancer runs in your family you really shouldn't risk it. Pale can be beautiful too. If you stop letting your skin bother you, people will stop teasing you about it.
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Get Mystic.... It's better for your skin.. I loved it!!
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Okay, I'm the jackass who clicked the "NO" -- I clicked the wrong one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP TANNING! There's my vote.

Pale skin is beautiful and looks classy and you won't be all wrinkly and leathery like that woman in "Something About Mary".
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I agree with everyone else stop. Who wants to look older before their time? Have you ever watched that show on TLC called 10 years younger? A lot of the people on there have spent a lifetime in the sun without protection. They look terrible. You don't want to be one of those people. Jergens makes a lotion that works really well. I use it. You just rub it on like regular lotion. You look tan not orange!
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