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Just got home from my sister's new house

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And it is sooo nice. Has hardwood floors all through the downstairs and nice carpet upstairs. My niece's bedroom is like a lavendar purple. And my sister has a jacuzzi tub I told my dad he needs to put that in our house when he builds it this spring. The only thing I didn't like was that it has hardwood in the kitchen and I prefer tile in it. She asked me if I would let my cat come over for a few days and kill the mice that are in it, has been empty while waiting on the sale. And I said no. And explained that she doesn't like change and she said so what and my dad said if she wanted a cat she should get her own. I played with my niece most of the time that I was there but right before I left she started getting sleeping. Since their propane tank wasn't filled yet I made tuna noodle cassarole and brownies and took them over there and we had supper there. My sister refused to eat the cassarole and ate a bagel. She won't eat good food. Billy was teasing her about how she should learn how to cook like me. I told him how I made the cassarole because he really liked it. He's a really good cook too. We all tease Terri about her cooking she once made mac and cheese and the shells were still crunchy and she thought it was done. I liked their kitchen it has a bay window. And the windows are the six foot tall ones they have windows all throughout the house. And I love windows same as my dad cause we like alot of lighting. Who knows maybe dad will decide he wants the recessed lighting and oak floors that I liked so much but I doubht it cause he likes maple. When I get pics I will show them to you all.
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Sounds like a nice house! and a totally agree with you about sending Tavia over there, she's not an exterminator
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