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First toy they've growled over!

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I picked up a four-pack of "Sheared Pompoms" made by Vo-Toys the other day and my kittens totally love them. Besides playing with the balls for hours, they even growl at each other sometimes over them! It's such a delight finding stuff your furkids like.

Oliver with the orange ball.

Rachel really getting into the fun.

Rachel with another one.

Rachel guarding her favorite one.

Allen fell asleep playng with his.
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they're all sooo cute! your "furkids" look completely happy with those toys. maybe they growl and like them so much 'cause the toys are furry, but small enough that they can feel like the toys are a prey that they can dominate.
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Awww! So cute! This should be in fur pictures!

I have some of those balls too, but my cats don't seem to like them at all.
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Mine love them too . I'm always finding the toys under the couch, bed... you name it. We keep a fully stocked house ( 3 bags with 20 toys each).They are great toys and very inexpensive.
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awwwwwwwwwwww great photo of rachel. where do you buy them?
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Oh don't I know it! Those are a recently discovered toy around these parts, but as soon as we realized how popular they were we went and bought 4 more. It seems different cats have different preferences with colour, white being most popular.
And yes, the kittens by the age of 5 weeks were growling over them and hiding them around corners and the such so the other kittens couldn't come and play with them.
Good find! That reminds me, I need to go and buy a few for the new apartment. Dynah would be upset moving into a new apartment without her "poofs"!
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the kitty pics are *priceless*!!!!
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They sure look like they're enjoying their new toys!!

I'll move this over to Fur Pictures where more people can enjoy your pics!
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Awwwww look at those angels with their toys
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Awww I love when they carry toys in their mouth Great pics!
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Thanks for the compliments, y'all! It's so much fun sharing my furkids with you!

Abigail, I got the pompoms from a local pet specialty store called The Pet Barn, but I'll bet they can be found pretty much any where pet supplies are sold. I just did an online search for Vo-Toys and got several hits, so you shouldn't have any trouble.
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Awwww... your kitties look like they're having so much fun! It's just great to find toys that cats like.. they can be sooo picky
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Maia loves these to! Thought it was funny when I first discovered them, a fur ball that is ok for her to have in her mouth! Great pics!
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