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Going Shopping ... New Kitten Products

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Hi Everyone,

Not sure where to post this, so feel free to move this to another forum (where do you post for kitten toys and products anyways?).

I will be getting my kitten in 13 days (but who's counting?). I am starting to look at things to buy, like a pet bed, toys, scratching posts etc.

What do you consider to be the best items to buy for a 12 week old kitten to get her adjusted to a new home? I am a little worried since both my fiance and myself will be gone to work the next day and I don't want the little one to be too scared

Any excellent products that you have come across that will help her settle in while we will be away?

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It just so happens.....that the creator of this site, has recently designed another site to help cat lovers in this type of predicament. If you go here:
Meowhoo.com and start looking under Basic Pet Supplies, you will see some ideas of what you need. Check out the category as well Just For Kittens. We have only been online a few days with Meowhoo, but merchants are waiting to sign on so we are growing. Good luck with your new kitten! Bless you for taking her.
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Oh, there's so many fun things to keep them occupied!! The one thing that's a must is some sort of scratching post.They usually like the ones they can climb, but anything sturdy will do. I just got a scratcher that looks like a mini couch and they love it. Also, a few cat toys such as balls or mice. If you have a wal-mart nearby, I have found that kittens like a thing called the "cat gym" it has lots of stuff for them to play with.
Among toys to keep them busy, you need to make sure the kitten can get in and out of the litter box and have a litter they are used to using. It may also be best to make sure the kitten is using the box before leaving him/her to roam the house alone.
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Have you considered getting your kitty on a day when you don't have to work the following day? I picked up Jedi on a Friday evening so that we could spend the weekend with him...getting him adjusted to his new home and giving us time to bond with him before leaving him alone all day. Just a thought...

As far as toys and such, Jedi LOVED his rabbit's foot on a fishing pole. That was his very first toy and is now his "woobie". It is tattered and torn from being played with so much...but he still loves it. Small balls that they can bat around (especially ones with bells inside) are fun, and probably some caps or rings off of a water or milk bottle. Jedi LOVES those and they are free!

Bedding...Jedi sleeps on his chalet, the sofa or the bed. We bought him a bed of his own but he never uses it.

Not sure if you can, but if you have a sliding glass door, leave the curtains/blinds open some so kitty can look outside while you are gone. Jedi spends ALOT of time looking out the windows/doors, even when we are here!

Welcome and best of luck to you with your new baby. Please keep us updated...kitty's name, pics are great, etc.
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Since your name is Russian Blue, will you be getting a Russian Blue kitty?

We have a Russian Blue also. In addition to all the great ideas mentioned, I would recommend a metal fine tooth flea comb -- not because your kitty will have fleas but because the Russians have such a thick coat. . .a brush seems to not penetrate the dense covering they have. I have found it is the best way to remove loose hairs.
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

As I mentioned in another thread, I will be picking up a Russian Blue kitten. Unfortunately, I have to wait another week, so I won't be picking her up till September 28.

So right now I'm trying to "busy" myself with everything that my new one will need. I will be picking her up on the Saturday so I will have her for the weekend. Hopefully she will adjust.

I just know that once the Monday rolls around I won't want to leave her, since she will be the first cat that my new home has seen!

I'll let you know everything about her once I get her home!
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I know how you feel I had to wait 2 months to bring my Maine Coon kitten home. Actually, I did take that next Monday off to play with him and make sure he was adjusted..lol. I guess I am just a sucker. I am sure by the time she comes home, you will have plenty of fun toys for her.
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I am so excited for you. I have to wait even longer now as I have just had some conflicting news about the breeder. Waaaaaaaa what to doooooooooo.
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What's up with the conflicting news? Want to share?

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