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So, who goes indoor tanning??

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I have a gross question about it, so I need to know who goes so I can ask it
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I used to go all the time until I learned it could cause skin cancer. Now I don't go anymore- i'd rather not risk it. I also wear sunscreen religiously now
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I go in the spring for a month before summertime comes.
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I just pm'd you back
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I don't. I am very fair skinned and burn really easily. I went once and was in for about 2 minutes and ended up with sunburn Never went back.

I do need to invest in a sunlamp of some sort though because apparently I'm not getting enough Vitamin D. My blood levels are less than 1/2 of what they should be and because of that I'm having a whole lot of bone pain and have to take a high dose prescription vitamin. A sunlamp might benefit me but I'm afraid of getting burned again.
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I used to go to tanning until I got the tattoos on my back, now I don't go anymore because the tats cost too much to ruin with tanning beds.

But I went for the UVs, not for the tanning, as I have seasonal depressive disorder.

Now I use full spectrum lights at home to help keep my skin clear and to help chase away the winter blues.
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Nope. Never have, never will. It looks, IMO, really bad and it causes caner....no reason to do it!
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I dont' go tanning, but now I'm curious about the gross question.
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I don't because I think it makes your skin look disgusting and fake. I also don't care for skin cancer either. I am surious too though about your question.
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I do, but I have never been one to get the "fake" look..........meaning, WAY too dark. I just reach a certain color and thats it....and its never been too dark.
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Not me! Why expose yourself to skin-damaging/wrinkling, cancer-causing UV radiation more than you have to? It only takes moderate tanning to cause skin cancer. No thanks!
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