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Smudge gets spayed tomorrow!

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She DEFINITELY gets spayed tomorrow. I'm sure she'll be fine but there's no doubt I'll be worrying all day!!!!

She'll officially be a big girl by tomorrow arvo
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Good luck with everything! I'm sure she'll be just fine!
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Good luck! I worried like crazy when Reeses got spayed. Worried that something would happen during surgery, that she wouldn't recover well, that she'd open her incision etc.. But it all turned out fine and I'm sure it will in Smudge's case too
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Big girl Smudge! Gosh, it seems like yesterday that you brought the little girl home and were asking for vibes that she would just survive. And look at her now!

Good luck tomorrow and I'll be sending vibes that all goes well for that beautiful little girl. You know how much I love her!
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Prayers that the angels watch over little Smudge tomorrow. She will be just fine.
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Sending lots of vibes to little Smudge!
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Just dropped her off.... I'll leave work a bit early today to go collect her and let you all know how it went.
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Sending VIBES for baby girl Smudge Its good that they can finally DEFINITELY do it
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sending lots of luck for little Smudge.....
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Give Smudge a big huggy from me tonight! It'll be fine!
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Hugs for poor little Smudge.

She's growing up so fast! I saw the pictures of her in the pictures forum and wow, what a beautiful girl she's turning into.
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Sending lots of vibes for little Smudge.
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for all at yours.............and some from my kits......bless her she´s in good hands and she´ll just get tons and tons and tons of TLC when she comes home keep us posted
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Good luck, Smudge! I'm sure everything will go fine for her.
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Hoping it all goes well!!!!
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Thanks guys, we're home now!! I got to the shelter (they have a S & N clinic there), and got her from her cage and she snuggled into my shoulder, and kneaded my arm and purrrred and rubbed her face against me

It's nice when you get that reaction - you know they've been looked after well, and despite the surgery, they really are doing fine!!!! Her incision looks great!!! It's soooo small - maybe 1/2 cm long, and they use incision glue rather than stitches, so it's not annoying at all, and will heal nice and fast.

She got home and the other girls sniffed her, but refrained from annoying her too much. She just tried to jump onto my back when I was on my hands and knees doing something like she always does, and she couldn't quite jump up there. So she's obviously a little woozy still.

I need to go back into work for a bit longer, so she's on our bed at the moment, and she has some boxes she can jump onto to get off if needed. Hopefully she'll just rest, then she can have lots of cuddles when we get home!

Phew - one operation out of the way...
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That is great news...kisses to sweet Smudge.
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Bless her little so glad to hear she looks good
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Ohhhhh Smudge your a little trooper
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Glad Smudge made it threw ok. I love it when they use surgical glue instead of regular stitches. Kitten and Bagheera got surgical glue to hold the inscision in place after they got fixed. Annie Rose had a c-section (to remove dead babies) and be spayed. So hers was a bigger insicion and she had to have regular stitches. The vet Zumi got done at used stitches too. And he kept trying to mess with them!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Phew - one operation out of the way...
did they actually mention anything about her eye op ?
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Yay! I'm so glad to see that the spay went well, and baby Smudge is doing well.
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
did they actually mention anything about her eye op ?
She needs to go the the animal ophthalmologist for that, and they want to wait until she's a bit older, so we keep waiting! I'll ring the vet who did the spay today and see if she had any updates on Smudge's eyes, since she could have a better poke around while she was under sedation.
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Yay! She's doing well! I will keep the little in my prayers!
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