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Nervous!! I could use some reassurance!

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Ugh, I'm having a party at Ian's tonight (which is supposed to start in 15 minutes, but no one ever comes to things on time anymore...we wanted people here at 8-8:30 so we said 7) and almost no one RSVP'd that they'd be here and I know that some people will tend to just not show up because they're rude and lazy...so I'm so nervous no one will be here! My best friend and Ian's roommates aren't even here! Ian's apartment is a Coach House, so it's down a gangway and behind a building, so I'm worried no one will find the place (even though I gave them RIDICULOUSLY detailed directions on the invite) and it'll just be me and Ian tonight!

I normally don't get this paranoid, but I've always been sort of "passed over" in the friends and social life department. I'm actually almost in tears! To not have anyone show up to a Christmas party is probably the most depressing thing ever...and I literally spent this month's (and next month's- stupid christmas expenses) last "fun" dollars on food to feed my guests! What do I do if no one comes?!
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Anyone show up yet? Don't be nervous!
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The Christmas party I went to last weekend for my husband’s work had most of the guests show up a few hours past the scheduled start time, so I wouldn’t be horribly worried if people didn’t come right away (even if it is frustrating!). I hope you are able to enjoy the evening and everything turns out the way you’d like in the end.
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Totally understand...I had a Pampered Chef party a few weeks ago, and I was a little bummed because 1) I don't know that many girls and 2) Three of my friends showed up.

At least they were my closest friends though so it made up for the 4 others (including my own mother) that didn't show up.

I take it though that since its 10:30 (EST) right now and you haven't responded that the guests showed up.
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Hope your party is going strong!
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