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survivor finale tonight.

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Anyone gonna watch? I hope the final two are yul and Ozzie. they both worked so hard. If one of those girls sneaks in and wins, after not doing a thing except being yuls original tribe, I will be ticked. I don't think either of them won an immunity or contributed anything. Ozzie's only chance is to keep winning immunities. first one he loses and he is gone. Yul has his idol, so he is protected. any thoughts.
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I hope the same as you. Those girls are a bunch of slackers. Ozzy is doomed if he ends up against Yul though, cause no one on the jury dislikes Yul. If Ozzy gets the final immunity and gets to pick who to take, he better pick one of the women that no one likes.

And where is the car??? They usually have given it away by now....
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I'm actually getting tired of Ozzy.. but yes, I will watch the finale.
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watching it now
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I hate Survivor
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we have a winner but I want tell.
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Ohh I watched. I liked the twist! I've hardcore cheered for Ozzie from the second week. I love him and would rank him my 3rd most favorite survivor of all time (behind stephanie and Rupert) I really loved this season and would have to rank this as my second of the 13 total.

when is it ok to spill the beans!?!?
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I am sooo dissapointed Ozzie didn't win. I didn't think anyone disliked him. It was that side bet that Yul made with blockhead (whahisname?) that won him the game. Ozzie really filled out. How much time between the 39th day and the finale show? He must have put on 40 pounds. I still love him, he was great. He needed it more that Yule the lawyer. I ddidn't like Jonathans remark, "I'm going to give a 23 year old a million dollars?" Jealous. That 23 year old is ten time more mature than he is. Poor Ozzie. I think # 2 gets 100,000 right? Boy, I bet Becky was embarrassed. amd neither girl could make a fire after two hours? and it took a half hour with matches. I hope Becky didn't get anything for # 3. and thats tright, where was the car. Boy are they getting chintzy. All the money that show generates.
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I really wanted Ozzie to win! Yul played the best as far as the game went but Ozzie is my favorite!

At least no one seemed shocked that Becky received no votes! Duh!

How did you like the fire challange!!! An hour and half and no fire! Gee do you think they have never started a fire!
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