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Is this cheating?

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I have a subscription to Netflix, and will watch several movies a month. I have never cared for all the trailers and advertising and their "we know you steal movies so just don't do it" warnings...

So, before I even turn the TV on, I'll put the DVD in the player, then go make coffee, maybe a sandwich, or some dip, or whatever. By the time I'm finished puttering around, I'll turn on the TV and all the headers will be finished, and the DVD will be patiently waiting at the movie menu. Just push play and kick back...

And I being bad
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NO, I always put the movie on and make popcron etc while the trailers and warnings are running... I know what movies I want to watch and I don't rip movies so I don't have to watch them
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Not in the slightest... I will do the dishes while the FBI and Interpole warnings are running.

PS Have you ever watched the FBI warnings in front of a Rhino video? They draw funny faces on J Edgar Hoover!
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I love trailers- they show me the besty bits and save me a fortune I could be spending on rubbish movies
It's not cheating, but I don't do it
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Nope not cheating I do it too except with my Anne of Green Gables movies and the sequels. I love that series of movies. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh Tavia says hi sorry about that she desided to jump onto my keyboard
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Nope, if the DVD doesn't allow me to press "Menu" on my remote, then I think of other things to distract myself with.

Those trailers get to be a little too long IMHO.
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Are you pirating them? NO, so don't worry about it. No one watches those anyway
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I don't watch that stuff either. I'm not interested in seeing ads for other movies. I want to watch the movie that I rented or bought, and it drives me crazy that they've blocked being able to fast forward over that stuff to get to the actual movie.

So no, you aren't cheating and you aren't the only one who doesn't watch that stuff.
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Is it cheating to walk away from the TV and get a snack during the commercials? Nope. It's not cheating to skip the previews either. That's all they are - a bunch of commercials before the show. Personally, I really hate it that they won't let you fast forward through those previews, especially if you own the DVD.

And like we all haven't seen and don't know that you aren't supposed to copy the DVD? Of course you do!

So no, it's not cheating at all, IMO.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Nope, if the DVD doesn't allow me to press "Menu" on my remote, then I think of other things to distract myself with.

Those trailers get to be a little too long IMHO.
I agree, especially if you have some anxious kids waiting to see the movie....try explaining to a two year old to wait 10 more minutes....

it's not cheating, I always press the enter or menu buttons to bypass the intros....or I just put it in & walk away....
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If I can't select Menu or use the scene forward button so skip them I will use regular FF at it's fastest speed until the next warning or menue comes up. It drives me nuts that they don't let you skip that stuff on most new DVD's. Really, if it's a legit copy it's probably write protected anyway... do we really need the finger wag warning at the begining?!
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