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Destructive Kitty

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Tyran is a maniac. She spends the whole night knocking things over (and we're not talking about remotes or pencils. She knocks over expensive things too.) and chewing on things, keeping me up all night. Miki spends her nights running around with Tyran or chewing on boxes or the underside of the bed. Is there anyway to stop this madness?
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You haven't said how old they are, you haven't said if they're neutered, you haven't apparently moved anything fragile (or dangerous to them) out of the way, and a bit more info. would sure help.
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if the kitties are young, they're just packed with energy. trying adding some toys that they can get they're kitty aggression out on. stuffed animals work well. for example, next time you find your cat attacking something, replace it with a stuffed animal. play with them and the stuffed animal so they know it is okay to attack the stuffed animal. also, like larke said, move dangerous things out of the way until they learn. pennies in an empty water bottle works well-- when they're on top of your dresser knocking things off shake the bottle and it'll scare them. as long as they don't realize it's coming from you, they'll associate the noise witht he action and hopefully not repeat the action after a while.

especially with kittens it takes time to train them to not be destructive. are they left alone often? cats are very social, they like to be around people. trying playing with your cats. if they seems angry, hence they're destroying things to get back at you (maybe for not being around, bringing a new cat in, etc.) then there are herbal things to give cats that often calm them down.

more info would help answer your problem. good luck!
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My cats are 8 months and 1 year 1 month. Both have been spayed. The reason I haven't moved anything fragile is because for a while they've had to go stay with my fiance at her house. Here at my house the only thing they knocked over was change I'd set on the nightstand, so destruction was almost non-existant. I'll be brining them home today or tomorrow, so hopefully this destruction will not continue. (I have nothing for them to knock over at my house.)
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I've had countless vases and plant pots knocked over and broken when my two have their mad half hour, and for this reason i never buy expensive ones.

Their young so their still up to mischief, but having said that, Rosie's 4 and Sophie's 2 and last night during their nightly game of chase they knocked over a framed picture on the windowsill, twice!!.
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I feel your pain - mine hurtles through the flat as if he's being chased by a tiger and is usually accompanied by the sound of things crashing to the floor.

I have decided not to buy anything breakable ever again, and there won't be anything left for him to break if he doesn't calm down soon!

I moan about it but he does make me laugh
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