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cat still hissing.

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Ok Isis has been here 4 weeks now and Sephie is still having major problems. She gets long with the other 2, she's even played and chased Orion. She doesn't love the other cats but she tolerates them being there and sniffing her butt.

Now with Sephie, it's a different story, she grumbles and is not happy and he hisses at her when he sees her. I tell him to be nice because after all I am the mommy but he doesn't listen. He grumbles and hisses.
He is the alpha in the house and I raised him from a kitten, he wasn't bottle fed but he was only 8 weeks old and I taught him everything, litter box, hunting, etc.

So what should I do? On the one hand I know they need time and space but on the other hand, Isis has asthma and hides a lot and I want her to be able to come out and not be afraid of him.

I make sure Sephie knows he is still my number one guy and my baby and I call him when i go to bed as always.

He never had this big of a problem with the other 2 cats when we got them. He got used to Gabriel after a few days and Orion took about a week and everything was peachy. Is it because she's a girl? I know I totally lucked out with them getting along great and so fast but poor little Isis and my Sephie has turned into a grumpy puss.
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I really wouldnt worry about it too much. Sephie's hissing is just setting boundaries with Isis. When she learns them, Im sure the hissing with stop. Now if he were growling and they were fighting, then I would be concerned, but hissing isnt a bad bad thing.
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*sigh* why can't we just all get along? hehehe. I can't have her on my lap and him...i feel bad because i'm sure he feels betrayed on some level. It's just hissing. I do hear commotion but i think it's one or the other running away. Sephie is a lot of talk too. He is a chicken deep down.
On the up news, I just saw Gabriel and Isis nose to nose sniffing each other. yay!
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Originally Posted by Rosey View Post
. He is a chicken deep down.
Arent all boys
I think if hissing is all you see then you are on your way to a successful introduction. You were lucky before when he accepted your other 2 so easily. He will accept Isis and you will be a big happy family again!
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I hope so, he walks around like eyeore..complete with cloud. He is 1.5 years old now and has been going through this "i don't need you" phase for a while, even before Isis. I want my little love bug back
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awwwww as mine got older, they became more and more independent. But if you will find something that Sephie really LOVES, like a certain toy or a game of chase with just you and him, thats how as mine started getting older, I have individual things that each of them like that I can do with them separate and have the bonding time and individed love
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he loves chasing his mousy and come to sleep with me so i try to make those as special as can be
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They will get used to eachother, just give them time..good luck
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Unrelated, but is Sephie short for something else?
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Originally Posted by bemyonlyone View Post
Unrelated, but is Sephie short for something else?

FFVII, baby.
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my husband picked all the names but we thought sephiroth was a girl when we got him..somethings handn't we called him sephie...and then BOOM....oh it's a boy..oh well sephie stuck
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As some of the pp have stated, the hissing isn't too much to worry about, we got Phoebe over a year ago and she still hisses and growls at Escher when he gets too close, or looks at her the wrong way, or sometimes when we comes in the same room as her. They don't always fight, in fact, sometimes they even play, but I don't think I'll ever get any cute pictures of them sleeping together.
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