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How do I prepare

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Hello, I am getting my first Russian Blue kitten in around 5-6 weeks time, I am hoping to show her and wonder what I need to do to prepare her for the ring. How do I get her used to it and what kind of things can I do so that by the time she gets there she is not going to bolt or rip the judge to pieces
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You'll Love showing! Now im assuming that this will be a kitten, and if it's not then you cans till use some of this info, but you have to remember that it could very well be that an older cat may not like showing. First thing is Love them to death, and play with them often, using a few different kind of teasers. You never know what kind of treaser a judge will use, and you don't want him/her to be scared off. You might want to get them use to being handled like a judge will handle them ie. feeling their head, checking the boning, strecthing the body, everything that a judge would do.

Get him/her used to having a bath and grooming, so you want to start this as early as possible! You dont always have to use shampoo, just get them used to the water and the whole process.

Most of all, get your family, friends and such to handle him/her so that they get used different people. Rememeber though, you can do all of this and still end up with a kitty that doesn't like to show, and you'll know if that happens.
If you need anything else don't hesitate to ask.

BTW, what association are you showing with?
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Hi Imagyne

Thank you for your reply, yes it's a kitten I am still waiting to get her around 5 weeks time and can't wait. I am just so damned excited I already have 3 cats but have never owned a pedigree before. I am so in love with the Russian Blues and will be the only one breeding them in my state (if I decide to do so and all goes to plan) but first I want to concentrate on showing her.
That's been a great help. Do you show as well? I will be with the CFA
Cat fanciers Association and Capital cats in Canberra. I am waiting for my registration papers and have to choose a Breeders name (more difficult than I thought)
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We have a pedigree Russian Blue too -- your kitties pic reminded me of what a little fuzzball she used to be

We have never shown her. .. but she developed the sweetest thing that I think any judge would immediately fall for. . .

When I pick her up and pretend to display her (the way they do at cat shows with one hand under the ribs, other hand under the hips to show the body shape) my dear little cat stretches out her body like she's flying and makes the little eep stretching sound! ! ! :tounge2:

It is THE cutest thing in the world! If you go thru the same motions that a judge would do, maybe your furbabe will start to do the same thing.
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Maui how damn adorable is that??????? Wow, I would have loved to see that. I think that would have been a winner definately

I will definately try it thank you.

Do you have photos of her?
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