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Not a problem, just curious.

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A couple times a week when I go to feed Sam and Henri I find something of mine in their bowl. Usually its a ponytail holder or a sock. Once it was my glasses. I'm not sure who does it, but I am just wondering if it is indicative of anything? I have a feeling they are trying to "hide" it from me because they usually try to "bury" their bowl after mealtimes.

They usually look at me sadly when I take it back from them.
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They probably consider the things 'prey' and bring it to their food storage area.
My optometrist told me that cats LOVE to chew the plastic tips of eyeglasses. I wonder why they do not make cat chews out of this material?
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they should. Henri loves to chew on plastic. I keep bringing home different kinds of rubber dog toys that might fit in her mouth, but nothing compares to my glasses and the vacuum cord.
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your cats may just want to be closer to you, so to speak, so they steal 'pieces of you' and put it near their area, i.e. their food. to cats, food is a big deal, a necessity. having collections of you around that area could mean they feel they're not getting enough of you, or just showing their adoration fo you. are you the only person in the house? maybe they just like human stuff, like ponytail holders (my cats love 'em), or so on?

also-- be careful with chords. you should always dissuade your cats from chewing on chords. it's hazard: if they chew toomuch it could result in electric shock.
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oh no worries about the cords.
I have a very complicated nighttime routine that involves unplugging/hiding things so that Henri can't get to them. They are also covered with bitter apple which deters her sometimes, but not all the time. I just have to watch her, and she has only destroyed one cord in the past few months (at the time it was not plugged in, thank goodness.)

She is a nutty little cat. This is just one of her many MANY quirks.
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Tammy-Timmy loves the plastic puller from the milk gallons. I can't keep her away from them. She goes into the junk after them. I find them in the water, the food, my shoes, my slippers, on my bed, in my bathroom, in the tub.
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