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Cats gorging themselves!

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Hi guys,

So I've got a 2 month old female kitten and a 6 month old male kitten and I'm having a bit of a problem with them. I used to free-feed the older male, but when we got the other kitten we found out that he was finishing his food and then stealing hers as well. He started gaining a bit of a belly so we put them on a scheduled diet.

Thing is, now they're both constantly crying for food, especially the older male. We give them the proper amount and simply split it into two servings a day, once in the morning and once at night before we go to bed (so they don't cry/scratch at the door in the morning for food at 5a.m ).

I've tried free-feeding them for the past couple days but instead of stopping when they're not hungry anymore, they gorge and eat everything! Then they still cry throughout the day for food even though they've had the proper amount.

Any ideas?

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I would definitely be giving the 8-week old kitten more frequent meals throughout the day...possibly 3 or 4 meals. When you feed her, put 6 month old kitty in the bathroom until she finishes, so he can't steal her food. I would continue to feed the male as you have been doing...twice a day, measured amounts. I'm assuming that you could feed him on top of a countertop, so that the little gal can't steal his food...she's probably too little to be able to get on the counter at that age. They're crying because they're used to you doing something else...but you're not hurting them, and I don't think there's anything wrong with scheduled feedings...it is definitely a better way to control weight gain. How much does your male weigh, and how much is he getting at each meal?
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Oh, they've been on a scheduled diet for about a month now and I feel as if they should be used to it. They obviously know that they get fed when we wake up and again before we go to bed.

He's a pretty big guy for only being 5-6 months (He was a stray, so it's only an estimate) and I'd say he weighs 6-7 lbs? He's got a visible 'waistline' and no belly these days so he's in good shape. We've been feeding him 3/4 Cup of Hill's Science Diet Kitten food, and she is getting the same food but only 1/2 cup a day.
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