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Warner Brothers Cat Cartoons

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The Warner Brothers Golden Collection Volume 4 which was released this month contains an entire disc of cartoons that feature cats.

Sylvester is here, of course, but TCS members would be most interested in the cartoons featuring Marc Antony the bulldog and Pussyfoot, an adorable kitten whom he 'adopts'.

The first cartoon in the series, FEED THE KITTY, appeared on Volume 1. The action on both animals is hilarious. This is one of the best Warner Brothers cartoons ever made, even if you do not own a cat or a dog.

There were three other Marc Antony and Pussyfoot cartoons made in the '50s and they are all on Disc Four of the new set.


Merry Cartoon Cat Christmas!
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Sounds like fun!
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Marc Antony the bulldog and Pussyfoot, an adorable kitten whom he 'adopts'.
I loooooooooooooved those cartoons!!!! I was just thinking the other day (a Saturday) that I missed Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Show on Saturday morning.
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All four sets of the cartoons are good, but if you want the Pussyfoot/Marc Antony series, you need only get Volumes 1 and 4.

I just love FEED THE KITTY.
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I looooooooove Pussyfoot! Thanks for the heads up for Vol 4. I'll have to add it to my Christmas wish list!

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Any ideas where to buy those cartoons?? I am going to do a quick trip to San Diego, and pass through the cities of San Bernadino, Riverside, Temecula, so maybe I could pick up a copy - it's my only chance to shop in a city, but the trip is over 600 mi., round trip, so can't stray off the I-15 too far. (I plan to do this in less than 24 hr.)
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You should be able to find them at most places that carry DVDs. Best Buy should definitely have them, and you can check the availability of the set at their website to make sure the store you stop at has it in stock.

I LOVE these cartoons, but I never knew the kitten's name until now! We just called her "Baby Kitty" because that's what we called Ophelia when she first came to us, and Pussyfoot reminds us so much of Ophelia as a kitten.

In case you're unfamiliar with these cartoons, here's the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Antony_and_Pussyfoot

And some gift for the fans: http://www.looneytunesshop.com/cat/L...id-Kracov.html

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