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I'm Back ....

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Hi everyone, its been 3 weeks since my last confession......

No, seriously i have been off line for more than 3 weeks due to a great holiday in Cuba and catching up on house work.

Yesterday we did our shopping, put the Christmas Tree up and went out to a garden centre that is full of xmas deco's. They had some great stuff and we parted with our money

I have also joined a gym, it was quite expensive but if it works i dont mind. Its not such high impact work as i have done in the past, more of a tone up than muscle building. Its in town so i can go after work, had my induction so today is my first real work out.

Cats are all fine and survived 16 days in the cattery despite my worry and fretting over them

Looks like i have a lot of catching up to do on the forum good enough reason to sit on my bum this afternoon then
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Hi and great to have you back !
WOW Cuba....hope you had a fab time listen you havent got time to catch up, what you´ve got to do, is post photos of your holidays
t¨awwhh........... well OK we can wait........... Sunday is a great day to do some catching up - at least its fairly quiet at the moment, so you can have a good old nosey about

Enjoy !

pretty please photos !!
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We had a great time in Cuba , it was lovely, it was hot and the people are just sooooo friendly. Definately going back, hopefully next year.

I will post some piccies this afternoon, have to go to the pet shop now as the moggies need more Pro-plan and Whiskers then its off to the gym.
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Glad you had a good time, look forward to the photos.
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Hey there

I'm glad you had a good vacation

Have fun at the gym today!! Don't give up going, it takes 18 days to get into a try and go regularily for 18 days at least, then it will seem like you can't NOT go!! You will be addicted like me, and feel so good about yourself

Good luck, I am proud of you!!
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Thanks for the encourgement Had a good all round work out today, going again on Tuesday and Thursday. Will try to go Saturday but they are only open in the morning, so it may be after Christmas.

Going to sort out some piccies now of our holiday, there are so many it will be difficult to decide what to post !
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Can you post pictures of Cuba? I've always wanted to go there.
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Originally Posted by VampireCat View Post
Thanks for the encourgement Had a good all round work out today, going again on Tuesday and Thursday. Will try to go Saturday but they are only open in the morning, so it may be after Christmas.

Going to sort out some piccies now of our holiday, there are so many it will be difficult to decide what to post !
Cool, I go every other day as well, your on the same schedule as me For me it helps alot that I have an mp3 really helps keep me motivated, so theres an idea for ya

Can't wait for the Cuba pics
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Nat's also motivated by the hot looking guys...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great trip.
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Since Americans aren't really allowed in Cuba it will be great to see the pictures. Do they still drive the old American cars from the 50's?? This is one country I would like to visit (someday!!)
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Hubbys just finished uploading some piccies into Photobucket for me, so here they are :

Me with a guinea pig. This liitle guy sits on the pommel of a horse ! Looks real cute and she doesn't seem to mind a bit

This is what the whole site looks like. All the rooms are surrounded by lovely gardens and coconut trees

This was just outside our room

This guy was over 5 ft long !

One of the many birds we saw

The pool area

Our favorite bar

Cubans still drive around in the old american cars, tho' we didn't see many. I think you see those more in and around Havanna.

It was very hot and i got very badly burned but it didnt spoil it for me. The Cubans are very friendly, and the staff certainly know how too look after their guests. Couldn't fault it at all.

And yes I did the Salsa, well kinda , and we did share a Cuban cigar one night, well you just have too it is Cuba after all
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Welcome back!

Cuba looks absolutely amazing! It's great to put a face to your name too!

It looks like the kind of place where you can really kick back and relax!

Have the kitties forgiven you yet?

I bet it was rather sad once you landed back in rainy Manchester! You know we do keep the rain especially for returning holiday makers!
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Hi Sarah

We had a great time, 2 weeks of sun, sand, food and oh not forgetting the plentiful supply of rum

Manchester greeted us with very heavy rain and it felt freezing after Cuba There we were rummaging around in our cases looking for anything warm to warm while the rain hammered down !

The cats sulked in there own ways Jake spent the first few days outside checking out his 'patch', Jaz was a 'bump' under the quilt, Izzy makes like velcro and Tigger.......well Tigger has obviously thought that perhaps we are not so bad after all and has become a very purry cuddly little puss.
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Sounds like absolute heaven! You just went to make me feel incredibly jealous while I trudge through that rain and cold!

Manchester is truly good at bringing the rain on return! Always need some winter woolies for when you get back whether it be summer or winter in Manchester!

Aww, bless them! It's so odd for them coming back from the cattery, isn't it?

I'm so pleased that Tigger has settled with you so well, too!

By the way was the deccy garden centre the one near Hawarden/on the way to Broughton? I was hoping theyd have a good sale in the New Year!
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No its not that one, its called Waterways.

It is in Wrexham on the Holt road. We will be going there again today as we dont really have enough tinsel to go around all the kitty pictures on the walls.

Got to go to Chester as well today, we have the dreaded visit to the dental hygeinist was hoping to get the bike out today but the weather is still pretty drizzly and chilly

Plan on a visit to Chester Zoo Christmas Eve so i am hoping that its cold but dry for that.
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I haven't been to Waterways! Might have to take my parents in the between Christmas and New Year time!

Oooh, Chester is going to be fun! Although, having said that, Manchester centre wasn't too bad yesterday - surprisingly! Hopefully town is quiet - ish and your appointment goes well!

Yeah, not really the best weather for a bike ride, is it I hope you get the good weather for Chester Zoo (still need to do that sometime!)

I remember when my sister and I were little, Dad would always take us to Chester Zoo while it was freezing - for some reason, it seems so fun in the cold!
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wow what an amazing looking´ll have to either paste a link to the web-site or PM me the DH has always wanted to do Cuba, think these photos will clinch the deal if you feel you´d like help my cause- PLEASE FEEL FREE to post more photos
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