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help.. premature kittens

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I have 3 premature kittens, we've got them warmed up but the mother is in complete neglect of them. one of them is breathing very slowly(long time between sudden breaths more like it) but the pet store isn't open yet... any suggestions?
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Sweetie you need to keep these kittens warm 90 degrees at least. You need to get them to the vet NOW! You really do, I know it is sunday, but is there an emergency clinic near you? In the meantime get them good and warmTake some dry towels and cycle them in dryer, get them good and warm and stimulate the kitties with these warm towels, Mom needs to get them to nurse. They need nourishment quickly can you put them up to mom's nipples and just restrain her a little while they eat? These little ones are highly vulnerable right now, she may be ignoring them because she is still in labor, but she should still let them nurse. If she won't take the whole family in to the vet.

You need to get someone to go to the grocery store and get Kitten Milk Replacement, usually found in the pet food section. Failing that get canned goats milk found in the baking section. Best of luck with these wee ones. I am also moving this thread to the Health forum.
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well we've been to pet store got some kitten milk formula stuff(not sure exact name, mother has it) and im attempting the mother again in the hopes her contractions have finished...but we're keeping them warm and i dont know of a vet nearby thats open(one at pet store was closed)
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here is a link to help you with more information. Good luck, I wish you had an emergency clinic near you that was opened. I hope mom accepts her kittens soon.

Caring for Newborns
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If mom does not take them, I would advise a vet visit for instructions on tube feeding. Little ones usually end up with milk replacer in thier lungs, and you loose them very quickly.
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I'm sorry to say none of the litter made it.. the 3 that made it past the first hour died within the first 3 days
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Oh I am so sorry they didn't make it. I know you must have tried your hardest to save their little precious lives. I am so sorry!
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I am so sorry. Thank you for trying on behalf of these little ones. But these things happen with tiny kittens. They are very fragile.

Please get mom spayed as soon as possible. She is probably just to young to understand what is expected of her.

Hugs for your loss ((((()))))))
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this is the mothers 3rd or so litter.. she should know what to do, but i think the stress of moving her to a different house caused her premature birth, and therefore giving her no want to be with her babies(sensing they would die anyway)
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Cat- I hope you will still take the mom in to be spayed soon. You will increase her quality of life by a great deal if you do. Having 3 litters is really hard on a female kitty even under the best circumstances.
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