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Kitten peeing on the bed.

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Me and my fiance just recently got two new kittens.
Everything has been totally and completely fine with them, they're in perfect health, they use the litter box properly.. they seem like perfect kittens!

Except dora.
she is the female of the two (the other; Meeko, is a male)

Well at night they sleep on our bed, normally above my head on my pillow.
One night we woke up and the bed was wet at the foot of the bed, one of them had peed!
But we had been asleep when it happened so we didn't know which one.

Then it happened again a few days later, it was dora! we caught her in the act.

then it went two weeks with nothing. until last night.
They often will sleep for a bit above my head, and then one will wake up and start playing, and that will wake the other and they'll both start playing around until they tucker themselves out and go back to sleep.
but this time meeko just kept sleeping i guess, nothing out of the norm, i guess dora was just hyper :P anyways, she was playing around the foot of the bed, just jumping on my feet and rolling around.. nothing huge, normal playing behaviour.. i'm used to it, so it doesn't bother me anymore.. except the odd time a claw gets stuck in my foot! heh.

anyways she was playing and them BAM my foot feels wet, and i jump up, and lift the covers, she had peed on the bed again! while playing i assume.

At first, my fiance and I thought maybe because she did it the first few times that it was her scent that kept her coming back, so we flipped the mattress over.. but nope i guess not.

Can anyone explain why she is doing this? i'm kind of getting sick of sleeping on towels/changing the sheets more often then i need to be.
I'm taking her to the vet, just to be 100% sure she is healthy, and doesn't have a UTI.. but i dunno, i don't think she does.. wouldn't there be any other symptoms?

thanks <3
(ps: i know there was already a sticky thread, but i want some actual opinions on this situation)
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I don't think you mentioned how old they are. Remember kittens are like young kids, they have accidents too the only difference is that if they smell it they will keep going back to it. If she peed enough it may have leaked through the matress just enough to where she can smell it. Cats can smell all sorts of things that we can't

If they are already a few months old then it could be more of a territory marking type of behavior. But if they are heading towards the 4-5 month range then have a spay/neuter appointment set up too while at the vet or else you will have a whole new set of problems in a couple weeks if you know what I mean

But it all depends on their age. It could be stress the first time and the rest of the times she goes back to the already soiled spots.
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Oh boy do I ever relate. No advice to give because I have the same damn problem.

I got a feliway diffuser just in case it is stress-related. I'm setting up an appt for neutering early next week, I'm putting all my good clothes and good comforter away to avoid them getting ruined. I'm also putting nature's miracle on spots with pee on them. I'm cleaning the litterbox religiously and praying for the best. I hope you figure out the issue and it resolves itself. Pee on beds is NOT cool
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well one of my kittens did it a few times on the bed (she was about a mnth old) but i think that was because she was so small and cudnt get off the bed in time to get to her litter tray
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They are only babies. And they don't wear diapers.

A good way to deal with kittens is to put them in the litter pan immediately after they eat or drink, and just before bedtime. Praise them when they are in there and REALLY praise them when they pee or poo. I'd keep them off the bed til they were fully litterbox trained.

And it's true, even if they are trained, they might not be able to jump off the bed in time to get to the litterbox. So No Bed rules for now might help you.
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Yeah, i forgot that, oops! they are just coming up to 2 months old.
It just seems the only time she does it is at night, while playing at the foot of the bed.. the litterbox is right outside the bedroom door, so i don't think it's because she couldn't get there in time..

But i guess i'll have to pick up some stuff to clean the mattress with, as well as take her into the vet to get he checked out.

thanks for your opinions guys<3
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(pale = meeko)
(orange = dora. the pee culprit, heh)
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maybe where they are still very young , when there playing and getting very hyper she might be forgetting herself , shes probley in such a frenzie that she dosnt relise , at night maybe you could put them in a room that has no bed , just water food and a litter box and see how it goes( toys and there bed of course) , good luck , i wouldnt worry to much at this stage , but if your still a little worried maybe a phone call to your vet to see what they suggest.
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