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Cat with URI wont eat

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Anyone have any tips for getting a cat with a URI to eat? His nose is all stuffed up. The vet suggested canned food since it smells stronger but he isnt interested. He is drinking normally and there is pee in the litterbox so I think he is ok as far as hydration.
How can I get him to eat? We tried fancy feast, natures variety and some other brand I dont remember for the canned. We are going to call the vet again on mon if he still hasnt eaten but that doesnt help me now.
How long can he go without eating before I should get worried? He is alittle less active than usual but not much. I closed him in the bathroom with me too so he could breath the steam but it didnt clear him out enough to smell his food although it did help his sneezing for alittle bit. Any help would be appreciated. He hasnt eaten since thurs and he saw the vet on fri and is on antibiotics.
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With our cats at the shelter with URI's that won't eat is find the stinkiest, nastiest, grossest wet food we can and keep a continual supply around. What I have found successful is usually a mix of some fish flavored canned food and Hill's A/D. The a/d is super fatty though, so watch out!

The problem with URI's is that sometimes, in addition to not being able to smell is that they get ulcers on their tongues and it hurts to eat. Then you just have to wait it out and do fluids and stuff.

A couple of days is probably it for not eating. Really keep an eye on his hydration.

If he won't eat maybe the vet can give you an appetite stimulant. That has literally saved some of our URI cats lives. We use Cyproheptadine.
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Cats' appetites are definitely activated by sense of smell, so it's best to either use really smelly food, or something to unstuff their noses. You might want to search on this - but I think I remember that Neosporin "Baby Noses" nose drops are ok for kitties. That should help him smell. But definitely check it out first.

Tuna, mackeral, or Kentucky Fried Chicken (no skin or bones) would be good to use as smelly food that might stimulate the appetite.
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I have heard of some using a warm wash clothe to clean of the nostrils
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It'a a vicious circle - they won't eat when eating would help them recover. Then they get sicker because they won't eat. If you have or can get a large syringe either from the pet shop or the pharmacy (without needle of course) then I would start him on some cat milk or goat milk mixed with the yolk (no white) of an egg. Scruff him and insert it into the side of the mouth and feed it gently, a little at a time. That will get some nourishment down him and may jump start the wish to eat while you try the other smelly things.
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When Old Pete came down with his URI, I thought he was going to die, he looked so bad, refused to eat or drink.

I picked up some strained baby meats, beef....mixed in a little water to make a slurry, sucked it up into a syringe and force fed him that about 4 times a day. That gives them a bit of nourishment and water at the same time.

After the third or fourth day, he staggered over to the water bowl to start drinking on his own, and we had a party and all got drunk because we knew he was going to make it.
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Have you tried warming up a bit of canned food? That enhances the aroma. If your kitty is still not eating, call the vet Monday morning and ask for a prescription for an appetite stimulant.

To help unclog your little one's nose, use a vaporizer or steam up the bathroom and close the kitty in there. Also, use a nice warm cloth to wipe your cat's eyes/nose to help keep it clean.

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